Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Common Capsule Wardrobe, with chalcedony

Her grandmother told her that wearing chalcedony was a sure-fire way to improve your insight into people's thoughts and feelings.  So she became a market research executive...

Jewelry – Alexis Bittar, square scarf – Liberty London, belt – Menichetti, linen scarf – EPICE S.A.R.L., ballet flats – 
Debenhams, satchel – Hayden Harnett,suede oxfords – Labor of Love

all clothes - J. Crew



  1. OH my...this color is giving me palpitations!

  2. A light has gone off in my head. What great suggestions for organizing around a color!

  3. A beautiful selection and I loved your grandmother's expression on chalcedony.


  4. This is just beautiful!

  5. I didn't know this colour before. Isn't it calm ... and soft ... I also like the way the pretty accessories turn a casual capsule into something special.

  6. gorgeous, gorgeous colour!

    thanks Janice!


  7. Janice not a color I normally wear, however I love the middle outfit at the top and then would include the purse as well! Love that scarg!

    I hope you are having a great weekend!

    Art by Karena

  8. Thanks for giving us some treats while you're away; otherwise, we'd go through withdrawal(!). You had me at the first frame; gorgeous accessories, gorgeous colors. Delicious "greens."

  9. I really like your 'common wardrobe' idea - I like wearing neutral colours - black, white and denim.. and leopard print. Yes denim and leopard are neutrals, for me. With a pop of colour, like red shoes or a red handbag. Or a handbag in this beautiful green that you used in this blog. My outfit combinations are endless with just the four colours. Thank you for your inspiration. I have read through your entire blog since you started it, this past week. Someone also mentioned the same 'problem' that I have.. not being able to ad the 'third piece' like a cardigan, jacket or scarf in a hot climate - I live in sunny Pretoria, South Africa.

  10. As I am whittling away at my wardrobe, my desire for an extensive colourful shoe/boot collection is growing by the day.