Monday, May 14, 2012

A Four by four Capsule Wardrobe: Bonus in navy and grey

Someone earlier mentioned using this idea with navy and grey, with less conservative styles - and I was in the middle of that exact capsule wardrobe project!  Here it is...

A Core of Four in navy: trousers, tee shirt, tank top and skirt
Navy pants and tops – J. Crew, navy mini – A.P.C.

Four outfits from the navy Core of Four

An Expansion Four in grey: sheer top, cropped jacket, wrap skirt and jeans
Grey layered tee shirt – Romwe, Grey jacket and skirt – Vivienne Westwood,
 jeans – 7 for all Mankind

A dozen outfits from the navy Core of Four and they grey Expansion Four

A Mileage Four in navy and grey: a striped top, floral blouse, bird-print tee, and navy tee
Print silk blouse – Otte, Striped long-sleeved tee – Muji, tee shirt with printed cuffs –
 Comme des Garcons, hummingbird tee – Jil Sander

two dozen outfits available with the 12-piece Four by Four wardrobe in navy and grey

An Integration Four in navy and grey: scarf, shoes, earrings andbracelet
Scarf – Roberto Cavalli, Jewelry – Miriam Salat,  pumps – Stuart Weitzman



  1. Very nice, and you mix both of them and be set for quite some time. Lovely ideas.

  2. So, needless to say, the white hummingbird tee blends into the white background, so at first I thought I was looking at two birds and thinking, "Now, how in hell am I supposed to wear them?"



  3. Love it, because I am building my core concepts around navy and grey. This is just a great mix. Tks :)

  4. Oh yes just the way I love to do it ...use fab accessories for the pop!

    Vivienne, I want to invite you to come and see my interview with Tina from The Enchanted Home!

    Art by Karena

  5. I just realized that I have half of this set of four--and a pair of great gray jeans. For some reason I had never thought of putting them together. Thank you !

    Can you post an alternative to the mini?

  6. Love the shoes. What a gorgeous way to pull the two colours together.
    Lovely scarf too.

  7. What a terrific way to approach a wardrobe build. So many combinations!

  8. :-)Showed yesterday´s post to a German friend - she loved it, of course, and got a request for you: a summer wardrobe with beige, camel and grey for bottoms, and white, camel, grey, plain or patterned, for tops. Can it be done with your "Fours" system? Dänke!

  9. Janice, I love the helpful way you conceptualize this wardrobe building (or winnowing, as the case may be). And the Fours make a fabulous packing plan; I especially like thinking of a few very-carefully chosen accessories as the Integrative Four. Brilliant! I thank you and my formerly chaotic closet and over-stuffed suitcase thank you.

  10. Thank you for your blog...all of your ideas are literally ones I'm implementing! You do fabulous work.

  11. Awesome blossom. Thanks for reading my mind. Love it!

  12. This is a really lovely collection. It's practical and stylish, perfect for someone who wants to put together a small but fabulous wardrobe of quality pieces. It's given me lots of ideas. Thanks.

  13. Hello Vivienne -
    Thank you for all your posts. They have been immensely helpful, especially the 4x4 capsules. I am overwhelmed by your crazy eights but these blocks of four seem achievable. Can you help a woman how has no clue about accessorizing?

  14. Hello Janice,
    I have been studying your posts for sometime and today when I was at a shopping mall, something quite EXTRAORDINARY happened. Through all the new clothes for the upcoming spring (I am down in the south)
    I did NOT felt lost at all among all hues of pinks and yellows, greens or purples...and only bought a plain grey cardigan, something I realized I did not have in my grey core...Thanks very much..

  15. Oh my gosh that is so clever and so simple. And - I have more clothes than I need!!!

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