Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Packing in Navy with classic accent colors

Scarf – Hermès, gold earringsLord & Taylor (similar here), necklace – Isharya (similar here), turtleneck – Bally (similar here), jacket – John Lewis (similar here), gloves – Portolano, handbag – Reed Krakoff (similar here), suitcase– Victorinox (similar here), skirt – Stella McCartney (similar here), navy tights – Nordstrom, loafers Robert Zur (similar here)

Navy blouse - Stella McCartney (similar here); gold hoop earrings – DeLatori (similar here); navy cardigan – Maison Martin Margiela (similar here); plaid shirt – J. Crew (similar here); green cardigan – Woolrich (similar color here); trousers – Stella McCartney (similar here); belt – John Lewis (similar color here); necklace – Kenneth Jay Lane (similar here); suede ballet flats - Chloe (similar here); jeans - J. Brand; bracelet – Seasonal Whispers (similar here); plaid scarf Amicale (similar here); striped tee Mango (similar here); suede desert boots – Grenson (similar here)

Scarf – Hermès, gold earrings – Links of London (similar here), necklace – Kenneth Cole (similar here), turtleneckCrumpet (similar here), jacket – John Lewis (similar here), gloves – Forzieri, handbag - Balenciaga (similar here), suitcase– Victorinox (similar here), skirt – Stella McCartney (similar here), navy tights – Nordstrom,  loafers – Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar here)

Navy blouse - Stella McCartney (similar here); garnet earrings – Janis Provisor (similar here), navy cardigan – Maison Martin Margiela (similar here); plaid shirt – Paul Smith (similar here), garnet hoop earrings – Stephen Dweck (similar here), cardigan – American Retro (similar here), trousers – Stella McCartney (similar here); garnet bangle – Max and Chloe (similar here), belt – Topshop (similar here), oxfords – Rag & Bone (similar here), jeans - J. Brand; striped sweater – Burberry Brit (similar colors here), striped scarf  - (similar here), boots – Debenhams (similar here)


  1. One of your best packing schemes ever!

  2. I have been following your blog for a while now and I just love it! The simplicity is divine!

    But, I need some help and was hoping you could advise. I am in search of the "perfect" v-neck sweater and can't seem to find any that fit the bill. I am looking for a cotton. silk or cashmere v-neck that is semi-fitted. It sound like a relatively simple, easy to find item, but I haven't had much luck. No wool (allergic), no cables, and almost any colour could work (although I long for black). Any recommendations would be great! I am very flexible with my price point.

    1. Christina,
      As this post is old I am not sure if you found what you were looking for . I too was on the quest for non-wool semifitted v-necks (and living in the hicks of Northern Alberta, our choice of shopping venues is sorely limited- as of this writing Alberta has exactly 2 department stores to choose from - The Bay and Sears-unlike our lucky USA neighbors- so that should tell you how bad it is to shop here( plus I am not sure what planet the buyers at these dept.stores are from but they constantly fill the stores with god-awful stuff( bling covered jeans,tops,shoes and accessories-it is no wonder the women here including the seniors look like hell!) Anyway as such I resort to alot of online shopping and bingo- found a great UK co that ship everywhere for exactly what you are seeking( and yes- I have purchased what I talking abt from them and can attest to the quality, fit and amazing price).It is where I now get all my knitted needs.
      As I am not certain if I can write their website here in case someone thinks I am an employee or such which I will state for the record -I am not-just a very satisfied customer-I will do it this way: google the following -woolovers. It should bring up their site.
      I hope this helps

      (Vivianne- I hope you don't mind my sharing of companies that I personally found to be great & on another note- please don't ever stop your blog- it is amazing and I read it faithfully albeit as a lurker! Thanks to you I do not appear to be color or wardrobe challenged and everyone thinks I just have a"inane and fabulous sense of style and color coordination" :)

  3. I just love the collections you post. Your taste is magnificent

  4. More to die for navy schemes! Love!

    For Christina: I live in cashmere sweaters all winter long and I love the ones made by Charter Club sold at Macy's. They're good quality, durable, and very well priced and come in a rainbow of colors. There are certainly pricier brands and better quality out there, but I think these offer a lot of bang for the buck.

  5. For KBG in DC: Thanks for the recommendation! I have been reluctant to try that brand because of the low cost (as a sign of quality). Glad to hear that you have had good luck with this brand. I'll check it out.

  6. Love! You make me want to wear things that i normally wouldnt.

  7. Do you do in home consults?

  8. Beautiful, Vivienne.

    Christina: I have two Neiman Marcus brand cashmere v-neck sweaters that wear like iron. They usually come in a limited slection of colors, but black is offered each season. Their sweaters are, or very soon will be, half-price. When you purchase your black sweater, DO NOT SKIMP. Both of my sweaters (the other is light blue) still look fantastic and the color is unchanged in the last two years.

  9. aesthetic intelligenceJanuary 6, 2012 at 8:58 PM

    Everything is so chic, but especially love the green, navy and brown capsules.

  10. Regarding in-home consultations - if you cover my expenses, I'll come anywhere in the world to work on your wardrobe with you. I live in Chicago, but am open to the possibility of traveling anywhere..
    thanks for asking!

  11. Vivienne - here's a packing/wardrobe challenge: How to pack/wardrobe plan for 6 weeks in China! My husband will be a visiting professor this summer in Nanjing, China! It will be very hot. I am a young 58 (5'7", 123 lbs) I'm thinking light, easy care dresses, skirts, tops? Help! Thanks! Di

  12. Would a more traditional red also work with navy or would it be too nautical/flag-like?

  13. Do you have a "contact us" area on your website so I can send you an email regarding in home consultations?