Friday, July 22, 2011

Vivienne Veto: Struggling Strapless

Strapless garments can be very attractive.  What is not attractive is watching you (every FIVE minutes) readjusting the balcony to be appropriately covered.  

If the garment does not fit properly, do not buy it.  Constant wardrobe readjustment is neither appealing nor elegant.

More wardrobes are on the way - I appreciate your patience.  (some of these take a while!)   And please, if you have a theme or leitmotif in mind for a wardrobe, leave a comment and let me know!  I'm particularly loving the idea of working from a scarf, a work of art, or a particular garment.  Leave a link in your comment if I'm going to need a point of reference. And thanks so much for the really cool requests I've received so far.


  1. Vivienne, I totally agree regarding fit. As a dressmaker I know that garments need "wearing ease". I see plenty of badly fitting garments, which are just too tight.

    Readjusting the balcony every 5 minutes indicates to me that it is too short in the body.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Mme UK

  2. I love strapless dresses but it's difficult to find them tight enough (I have a small bust and rib cage but I'm not petite in height). I have to have them tailored but I only find out after I wear them if the tailor got them tight enough. I have found that all strapless dresses tend to stretch a bit no matter the fabric. It is not very elegant to have to pull your dress up every few minutes!

  3. Vivienne,

    I am very much enjoying your wardrobe posts and would love to take you up on your offer for a distilled and edited wardrobe.

    I have an eclectic collection(?)/set(?) of Hermès scarves and would love to see how you might create a wardrobe around these gorgeous accessories.

    My set includes:

    1. Les Folies du Ciel (given to me by the dear husband for my 30th birthday) in blue and black ( is a close approximation, with my lower corners in navy blue instead of grey.

    2. Aux Portes du Palais in Burgundy, Orange and bright rose (

    3. Les Rivieres de Babel in Prune, apricot, and blue (

    4. And last Paridaiza as seen on It's all Goode:

    As an added challenge or caveat, I cannot wear yellow as a main color. I can, however, wear some shades of orange.

    I do hope you'll consider this challenge. Thanks very much.


  4. I'm also sick of seeing the strapless tugging that goes on but the worst, worst, worst is when it's a wedding dress. So tacky.

  5. I agree with you about the strapless look and all the tugging that goes with it. For that matter, any clothing that requires constant adjustment during the wearing is a no-no. I discard clothing that seems to require readjustment when I'm wearing it, even if it was fine in the shop. All those jerking movements as I pull things into place are a distraction for me and for everyone else. They distract from whatever I'm saying or doing. Clothes are for me to wear, not for them to wear me.

  6. Hiking up the front does take away the grace of the gown, doesn't it.

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