Friday, May 27, 2011

my favorite artist: Marie Laurencin

Portrait de Mademoiselle Chanel
Every time I go to Paris, I force whomever is traveling with me to go to Musee de L'Orangerie, near the Louvre.  This is the home of the oval rooms which house the Monet water lily series, but also where I get to visit some of my favorite paintings, those of Marie Laurencin.

Les Biches

I could give you a biography of Laurencin, but you can Google all those things.  Suffice to say that she was divorced long before it was acceptable to do so, the lover of the poet Guillaume Appolinaire, and a friend to just about every cool and influential artist and performer in Paris from World War I through World War II. So in additional to being talented and innovative, she lived the life of a pioneer of art and feminism.

Portrait de madame Pal Guillaume

I'm in love with the world she creates.  The colors touch me deeply; the contrast of the grays and occasional black against the muted pastels are the pallette in which I wish to paint my life.  I'm terribly smitten...

Danseuses Espagnoles


  1. Thank you for the introduction to this artist. I love her use of color too and it looks like most of the paintings you featured are water colors?? (which I love!). Next time I am in Paris....xxBliss

  2. Very interesting. I'd never heard of this artist before January, when Lagerfeld used her paintings as inspiration for his Chanel couture collection for Spring 2011:

    I like the soft lines and colors of her work. Very dreamy.

  3. Wow - La Chanelphile was WAAAY ahead of me - and I love how we showed so many of the same paintings. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. These are achingly beautiful. They remind me of watercolors running in the rain.