Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BROWN: With 8 Bright Accents

I don't know why we don't see more brown with bright colors; the colors share the same degree of saturation, and some of these combinations are pretty nice!

As always, let's start with some hard-working basics:

Cardigan and shell – J. Crew; trousers - Incotex

Double-breasted – J. Crew; embroidered – San Andres Milano;
Trench – Halifax Traders
Pick up the floral motif of the jacket in earrings, and with a little ornament on your shoes.

Earrings – Lauren Ralph Lauren; clutch – Menbur;
 flowered flats – Taryn Rose

Faux-wrap – Maison Margiela; tweed – A.P.C. Atelier;
Flared – Jil Sander

These colors felt close enough to me that wearing them together with just a touch of garnet jewelry seemed sufficient. Warm and rich...

garnet earrings – Alok Jain; garnet ring – Mahavir;  

pumps – Trotters

Sleeveless – Alexander Wang; rollneck – Proenza Schouler;
V-neck - Kenzo

These colors play together nicely - just a touch of sparkle from a brooch is all I would add here!

Brooch – Dolce & Gabbana; boots – Munro
 crossbody bag – Brahmin

Draped – Uniqlo; long sleeve – Tulchan;
Sleeveless – Dorothy Perkins

Yes, all of these are described as shocking pink, but this one doesn't seem shocking at all to me. I'd describe it as rosy and very flattering.

Scarf – Hermes De la Mer au Ciel; earrings – Alexis Bittar;
 oxfords – Munro

I particularly love the orange velvet corduroy, but they are... gasp... an investment!

Jeans – Wrangler;  cropped – Boden;
Velvet-corduroy - Gucci

As in so many instances, the right scarf makes so much difference.

Scarf – Hermes l’Arbre du Vent; bracelet – Nordstrom
boots – Munro

9-button – Boden;  cascade – DKNY;
Dip-dyed - Ferrante

This necklace was BORN to wear with this outfit! And notice the brown buttons on the cardigan - it's the little details that hold things together visually.

Necklace – Chuleekorn; tote – Longchamp

A red jacket is a great idea for cold, dark autumn and winter days...

Down – Dorothy Perkins;  cropped – Forte Forte;
Belted – Erika Cavallini

I love these socks and shoes...

Scarf – Laleh Fayaz; loafers – Nine West;
 socks – Hansel from Basel

To wear with brown, a true gold metallic blouse is a great choice!

Tie-front – Iris and Ink; short sleeve – Lanvin;
Bow - Moschino

Sort of dressy, but not over the top - could be useful for so many evenings where you want to look like you made an effort, but you don't want to overdo.

Earrings – Lafonn; bag – Nicole Miller;

 loafers – Kristin Cavallari

I'm thinking of olive as tomorrow's neutral!



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  1. I think Brown & Pink as well as Brown & Wine are two of the nicest color combinations out there. Some of the others verge on Autumn Holiday for me (and I am a brown lover). I used to wear it in preference to black before my hair went gray. Now I find navy and gray/silver are more flattering choices for me.

    1. I, too, prefer brown over black but like you, am finding the more silver my hair goes, the less flattering brown is on top. Navy, grey and plum seems to be the colors I will be turning to more and more.

      Janice, this set is just wonderful. I adore brown.

  2. I have always liked brown as my favorite neutral, and I was lucky that it is so much easier to find in Europe than it is in this country. Only in recent years have I paired it with a brighter color and have been pleasantly surprised. But my preference will always be brown with another soft neutral. However, paired with the right accessories, you have come with some beautiful choices. Brown trousers for this morning....

  3. I lovel brown, and especially liked the brown/green combination above. Your basic pieces are very simple shapes, which keeps the whole thing crisp and avoids it getting too earthy/mother nature, as brown+green can sometimes be.

  4. This is a pretty collection of pieces and makes me fantasize about having warm coloring so I could wear them. Sadly, brown will always be just a fantasy. I love that you're doing these harder/less common neutrals. I'm looking forward to olive green, and wonder if you might consider teal, plum, and winter white as additional neutrals for fall/winter wardrobes? Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be spectacular!

  5. Brown is my favourite basic! My everyday look is built upon brown and one extra colour.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

    I am a warm colour type, so for me dark brown is a good substitute for black. I combine it with red, orange, yellow, gold, green and lighter browns and play with patterns and structure.

  6. I love this, I'm wearing brown today with coral and have been looking for a brown shorter cardigan for what feels like forever, I will have to check out J. Crew!! Thanks for this, lots of great inspiration

  7. Brown and blue together is a delight to see.

  8. Love this series, Janice! Thank you.

  9. Now I am retired, I find I wear mostly a common wardrobe in black and denim with brights. I just added the Eileen Fisher skirted leggings for fall. How about doing these brights with a fall casual common wardrobe? Thanks!

  10. Love the depth and luxe of these colors and combinations. You really are a wizard, Janice!

  11. Brown has been my basic neutral for a very long time, so this set really gives me ideas. You find some of the best unique pieces and your eye for good quality basics is also finely honed. ( if eyes can be honed). This time you have me with the Gucci velvet jeans especially. I just decided that shades of olive is my new neutral so am looking forward to tomorrow big time.
    Deb from Vancouver

  12. Another brown girl here. With green, or purple for winter or serious, or even with black. Summer fades to taupe. Loved these combos.

  13. Janice,
    Thank you, thank you ! We females with warm coloring sometimes find it more challenging to find a variety of options in our colors when shopping. I once read that is because more women exist that look good in black. Since black is so ubiquitous, and offerings are many, I wish I could wear it, but it just makes me look like death warmed over. Thank you again for your generous and versatile consideration for we warm toned folks !

    1. Oh, I forgot to tell you --from faithfully following your beautifully illustrated wardrobe mix-and-match roulette posts, I have just packed for 6 days of grand kid watching in an under-the-seat carry-on plus a tote. And it isn't just jeans and tee shirts, I like to feel a bit stylish even for so simple of a trip. Unheard of for me ! I keep going lighter and more happily --it has become a bit of a game for me to figure out how to pack lightly and yet still feel that I have plenty of options ! I happily hold you totally responsible, dear lady, thank you again! Even my husband has noticed that my luggage I use is getting smaller and smaller and lighter to load in the car on the way to and from the plane !

    2. Many of us here are closer to achieving packing nirvana thanks to Janice!

  14. These are such fun posts. Great to see how the same signature pieces looke with differnet colored basics!

  15. Janice your creativity is mind-boggling! I cannot see beyond my nose. cannot wait to try some of these combos out! Especially since the heat/humidity wave will hopefully break here soon in L.A.--thanks!

  16. Janice, thanks for bringing brown to the forefront! I really like it with lilac and lavender too.

  17. I am loving the brown base here. Great for me another warm but deepish person.

  18. I love that gold blouse! Beautiful! I like brown, but I have so much black. I can wear brown too but it just really isn't in my plan any more. I really have always thought I was a "warm" just not sure. LOL. Thanks again Janice!