Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Chic Sightings: RED, in the cold weather

We spent a lot of time running around the city this past weekend, finalizing the purchase of gifts for a host of interesting small people! And one of the best parts of being outside on a crisp winter day in Chicago is the people-watching...

The first outfit was pretty conventional, albeit beautifully pulled together; what made it really stand out were her bright red shoes! It was a perfect day for a statement shoe, as there was no precipitation, and nothing slushy on the pavement. She was young, with long dark hair and a brilliant smile. No red lipstick, although that certainly would have been an option!

And the 2nd ensemble was notable for a few reasons. First off, a white coat is a brave statement, and a cheering site in the sea of black that is most city streets. Secondly, I very rarely see a Missoni scarf "in the wild" - for all of them that I know are sold, I don't know who wears them. (same goes with Hermes scarves - I'm always looking for someone else wearing one, and maybe once every 2 weeks I'll see her...). Finally - RED FLANNEL PANTS. They seem madly impractical, but just imagine how often you could wear them from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day. Maybe NOT so impractical, after all, eh?


Red duffle coat – Dorothy Perkins, checked scarf – Rag and Bone, black turtleneck – Uniqlo
black jeans – 7 for All Mankind, red loafers – Aerosoles, scarf – Missoni, white coat – Max Mara
red flannel trousers – Jaeger, boots – Via Spiga

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  1. Love the red flannel pants. Not sure I need them in Brisbane Australia but I can dream!

  2. I love everything in this capsule! Great fun at this time of year! Thanks Janice...

  3. I have a beloved red and black (buffalo plaid) cashmere scarf from Scotland, much like this one, that I depend on to tie red and black together all winter; it never fails me. Yes, in the dreary days of winter, what the world needs is red.

  4. These posts with red coats...beautiful! I can see one in my future!

  5. Yes, the mystery of "where are they"? Vancouver has many beautiful stores selling beautiful things but I usually see most people wearing black, black and maybe some grey... yoga pants!

    Deb from Vancouver

  6. I love your Chic Sightings posts! I have one red item left in my closet (not the best color for me but not awful either), a sweater, and I happen to be wearing it today. Feeling very festive and wintery! Stephanie D.

  7. I just received two red tops in the mail today! I hope they fit and look right. :) I love red!! It is one of my accent colors! I need a red scarf I think. Thanks Janice!

  8. To wrap oneself up in a favorite color would certainly be a nice way to keep the chill away on a cold or dreary day. Red is not my color, but either of these plans could easily work for any color. I love your ideas, which seem endless! Mary P.