Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Art, Nature and Color Palettes

Since I started the Start With Art Series, building wardrobes based on works of art (or photographs, or other objects), I've received a lot of suggestions for which art works I might want to consider. I've been keeping a file of all of them, and I've finally decided that I should share my thoughts and ideas with you by making the file available.

The file has 100 works of art (a few scarves, a couple of photographs, and a plate, but mostly paintings), and then a 2nd page that includes my proposed color scheme, and my thought process around what I would look for in a wardrobe.

The whole file is available for $5. I included a table of contents, with hyperlinks to each painting. I am really eager to know which paintings you really like and want me to pursue in a wardrobe.

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I hope you like it!


  1. I just purchased and downloaded the file. I am now drawn to the softer blush, grey, and blue toned paintings. Northern Europe with misty light. Softly draped or crisp linen. There really is something beautiful and mysterious about these colours.

  2. Your first one is very close to Pantone's spring colors for 2015....I might call them earthy pastels!!

  3. Love this file! Inspiration indeed. (But why would that Klimt painting be impossible for a wardrobe? I'd love to challenge you to a mysterious, dusty gold/metallic holiday wardrobe inspired by that stunning painting. :) )

  4. Oh my, oh my. As soon as I have finished my comments, I am purchasing this Christmas gift for myself. This is a great concept for a book!!! Once the copywriter ids uses were dealt with.

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. I think you made a little mistake, it is Jan TOOROP...
    Inspiring blog!

  6. I love the gradient color sceme - I don't choose a single shade to work with but I do choose a gradient, like from turquoise to a deep petrol.