Saturday, October 04, 2014

What They're Wearing in Paris - Autumn 2014

Well, the weather was so nice in Paris when we were there, at least part of the time the women were still wearing summer clothes!  There's absolutely nothing more evocative than a pair of espadrilles that are about to fall apart, on the last warm days of the season...

But this is what I saw:
  • Hosiery.  Yes, it's back.  Sheer black, sheer nude, opaque black of COURSE, and some interesting black on black stripes and checks.  For those of us with less than perfect legs, this is good news.
  • That dark red color that is named for every kind of wine imaginable.  I'm NOT going to get into the semantics of what color is which, but I saw a lot of leather goods in shades from a very purple-ish burgundy to a much more brownish merlot.  This makes this kind of accent available to those of us who have warm-hued wardrobes, or cool.  Very handy!

Ballet flats – Ecco, tassel loafers – Ecco, belt – Ralph Lauren, Chelsea boots – Charles David, gloves – Maison Scotch, color blocked satchel – Topshop, watch – Skagen, hobo bag – French Connection, quilted bag – Rebecca Minkoff, jeweled knit cap – Phase 3
  • Leather jackets.  Mostly black.  Worn with everything.  If you thought you were going to break new fashion ground by wearing a leather jacket with pink tulle, you're too late.  Beige chiffon with sequins?  Already done.  In fact, I saw so many black leather jackets that I've gotten over any desire that I had to get one.
  • Denim jackets - see above.  If it was cool enough for a jacket, fully half of all of the women I saw were wearing either a black leather or a denim jacket.  Over literally any kind of outfit.
  • Denim/chambray shirts.  Worn with everything. This looked sort of new and fresh, especially with tweed or florals.  Would you like for me to show you some outfits that give an indication of the versatility of these shirts?  Let me know....
  • Simple black outfits with green accents or accessories.  Interesting and unexpected.
Cardigan – Uniqlo, black dress – Comme des Garcons, pumps – MICHAEL Michael Kors, black hooded sweatshirt – Uniqlo, green scarf – Neera, canvas shoes – Bensimon, boyfriend jeans – Current/Elliott
  • Black outfits with pink accents. Equally surprising, and very pretty.
Cardigan – Uniqlo, black dress – Comme des Garcons, pumps – MICHAEL Michael Kors, black hooded sweatshirt – Uniqlo, pink scarf – Epice, canvas shoes – Le Crown, boyfriend jeans – Current/Elliott

  • Trousers and jeans in that faded shade of red that we called Nantucket red when I was a kid, but what I've also seen called barn red.  It's made to fade!  I NEVER see it in Chicago.

  • Jeans – Mother, boot cut jeans – L.L.Bean, canvas pants – Murray’s Toggery Shop
    • Blue and green worn together.  It's a statement, but usually looks really attractive, bright and interesting.
    Scarf – COS, white tee – Uniqlo, cardigan – Care of You, green cotton trousers – Mango
    • Purple worn with green (or turquoise).  Not for the timid, but really eye-catching. If you want to see some jewelry in purple and turquoise, check out Jennifer Loiselle - link below.  She works in this color combination also.
    Bias plaid top – Roksanda Ilincic, coat – Red Valentino Vintage, woven rope necklace – Jennifer Loiselle,  silk scarf – Terracotta New York, pleated scarf – Anne Selby
    • Jeans in all sorts of bright colors.  Leaf green, cobalt and mustard were the most common colors.
    • Shoes in all sorts of bright colors.  On every block, you'd pass someone wearing pretty much unrelieved black, but then you notice the red (hot pink, cobalt) shoes.
    • Lots of jeans rolled up the ankle (wider jeans - not the scrawny ones...) with heavier menswear shoes.  Socks were optional.  Women of every age were doing this...
    • Men had their hair in a high pony tail like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Paris football player.  Hero.  God-like status in Paris right now.
    • Simple dresses in a solid color, worn with a black cardigan or jacket.  Similarly, simple dresses in black, worn with a bright cardigan or jacket.  Black flats or low pumps everywhere.
    Dark red dress – Dorothy Perkins, green dress – Dorothy Perkins,  navy dress – Dorothy Perkins, pink dress – Dorothy Perkins

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    1. Thanks for the update. I have not paired black and gree, but will give it a try. As usual there is something that I have in my closet that will work based on your ideas. Have a wonderful weekend.

    2. Thank you for the update. I almost always wear either a bright or a jewel-tone piece, so I am right in style! I'm not sure I will ever return to wearing hose, though I do wear tights autumn/winter/early spring.

    3. Hi Janice! I'll be in Paris in about two weeks. I'm wondering if what you observed women wearing in September, will hold through October. I'm thinking it will be a bit cooler mad more fall like then. My favorite jeans are more of a figure flattering flared style. Would they be a good choice, or more of a straight leg? Thanks for your keen observations! I'll let you know what I see THIS month :)

      1. Things won't change much by the time you get there. And one of the many joys of Paris is that you can wear whatever jeans you want, and you will fit in. There's a little bit of everything there.... have a wonderful trip!

    4. Hello, Janice. I would be interested in seeing the versatility of the denim/chambray shirt. Thank you.

    5. A great update! I love rolled up jeans with heavy shoes, but thought it might be limited to younger women (always seems to be in photos!) - very glad to hear Parisian women of all ages are sporting this.
      I'd like suggestions on the denim/chambray shirt. I've spotted a couple of fairly inexpensive ones and was wondering whether to give them a try, they looks so soft and comfortable.

    6. Yes, please, Janice, on the denim/chambray shirt whirlwind of options! I'd love to see your take on that. And, loved this update! How great to hear about the non-skinny leg jeans rolled up with menswear shoes. I am ON that look! :-) Thanks for expanding my world every day.

    7. Watching the Parisienne women is so interesting! There are so many different looks. I would like to see your version
      of the chambray shirt.

    8. Yes, I think the "burgundy" color will be everywhere this season. Add to black, brown, camel, green, blue, even red and it looks new and happening. I'm a total accessories girl and believe you can change any outfit into many many different looks by switching up the accessories. In Paris, black is always right (or the ubiquitous jeans) with a great jacket, and the bomber or moto leather jackets are everywhere, even in Texas where we've just had our 1st REAL FALL day today.

    9. Paris in Nantucket reds; what a concept!

    10. Something I would like to add to my wardrobe would be a couple of simple the idea of having them with a cardigan or jacket. Love even more the idea...that is what the ladies of Paris are wearing!!

    11. I have been thinking about investing in a black leather jacket. It has been years since I owned one but think the time might be right.
      Wine does seem to be the it colour of the season...walking through the mall this week most of the window displays had it prominently placed in everything from shoes to hose and dresses. It is not a colour I can wear but accessories are always an option.
      I want to know what you bought when you were in Paris !

    12. So many pretty choices and colors! I would love it if hose came back. I don't have the legs for the bare-legged look.

    13. I would love to see your combinations with a denim shirt. I have a few good combos, but would like some that might be more outside the box. Thanks for sharing all your observations from Paris.

    14. Blue and green together. Love it! And that green cardigan is making the LBD look so much more softly. Thanks for this post, I am inspired now.

    15. Always lovely to imagine we are dressing like Parisians! I particularly want to thank you for including a wide range of brands in your "samples". I love to break out of my shopping rut and try new lines. COS is gorgeous!

    16. Hi Janice,
      Thanks for your insight into Paris fashion.
      I also would like to see the chambray shirt in use....please show an option without chest pockets....they are not flattering on us endowed ladies.

    17. Hello, wondered if you'd spotted the supposed new thing of Parisians wearing white athletic shoes (ie Addidas, Supergas etc)? I'm a little skeptical, but then we're talking Paris and anything's possible. Thank you.

      1. Honestly, I don't remember noticing that. But I wouldn't rule it out - I wasn't in every neighborhood, nor did I have the mental bandwidth to take in everything that happened. Paris is a feast for the eyes, and it's easy to miss things!

    18. Lovely things there - lots of my favourite colours and colour combos. I wear blue and green together quite a bit and have got some slightly faded burgandy jeans on now. I'm looking forward to snapping up a new more bits in that lovely dark wine colour.

      I'd be interested in the post about chambray as I've never had a shirt like that so wouldn't know what to do with it.

    19. Love all the posts about your trip! Living vicariously you know. I would be interested in a post concerning the chambray/denim shirt as well. Thanks again!

    20. This post epitomizes what I love : jewel tone greens and reds/burgundies and black, navy, charcoal.
      I do wonder what is left when everyone is wearing the same thing ?

    21. I remember being in Paris 3 yrs ago on last week of Sept through first week of Oct, Though temps in mid 70s, when Oct.1 hit, every woman was in boots. Suddenly the sandals and open toes vanished! The looks you describe are also seen here in Montréal, and also the slim young men in ponytails or chignons on the top of the head.

    22. I missed this post because I was in Europe at the time. I noticed some similar items in Lucerne and Munich. Hi-top Converse like sneakers with zippers and other embellishments were ubiquitous. Scarves, of course. More jeans in every incarnation were a revelation since I assumed that Europeans didn't seem to wear them and was told that those in Munich dressed more formally. I love what you have shown above, Janice. And I actually own a pair of barn red ankle jeans, purchased two years ago. Who knew that I was ahead of the curve!