Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Now to wear a Neon Yellow v-neck sweater

This was a special request from someone who LOVES, and looks good in, neon yellow.  To her I say carpe the sweater; few of us can wear this color well.  It's a great way to stand out in a crowd, and make a very cheery statement on even the gloomiest days.

  • Outfits including a yellow sweater and a dressy printed skirt
Sweater – Erica Cavallini, earrings – Tita, skirt – Sportmax, sandals – Marc by Marc Jacobs, earrings – Tita, skirt – Prabal Gurung, sandals – Frye

  • Outfits with a yellow sweater, solid jeans or trousers, and a patterned scarf

Sweater – Erika Cavallini, scarves - Etro, jeans – Ralph Lauren, sneakers - Keds,  black linen pants – Vince, boots – Christopher Kane

  • Outfits including a yellow sweater and patterned pants

Sweater – Erica Cavallini, earrings – Fantasy Jewelry Box, pants – Topshop, sandals – 
Brooks Brothers, earrings – Mallary Marks, silk pants Dolce and Gabbana, espadrilles – Sesto Meucci

  • Outfits including a yellow sweater and a printed top, with either trousers or a skirt

Sweater – Erica Cavallini, scarves - Hermes, white cotton shirt – Equipment, pants – Armani, 
flats – La Botte Gardiane, white silk blouse – Chloe, skirt – Ralph Lauren, pumps – Dorothy Perkins

  • Outfits with a yellow sweater, white jeans, a printed tee shirt, and sandals

Sweater – Erica Cavallini, tee shirt – Karen Millen, white jeans – J. Crew, sandals – Steve Madden, tee shirt – Sass and Bide, sandals – Steve Madden

  • Outfits with a yellow sweater, white or off-white blouse, and trousers or a skirt

Sweater – Erica Cavallini, scarves - Hermes, white cotton shirt – Equipment, pants – Armani, flats – La Botte Gardiane, white silk blouse – Chloe, 
skirt – Ralph Laurenpumps – Dorothy Perkins

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  1. Though I really like the "under" pieces, this sweater physically hurts to look at. Not only couldn't I wear it, hope I wouldn't have to spend much time seated next to someone with it on.

  2. What can I say? Wild and wacky...Yuck. I agree with the comment above. I have never seen anyone wear that colour nor would I want to.

    1. I sort of feel the same way, but it was a request from a friend, and I have to admit that I just passed someone on the street wearing a scarf in this color that flattered her enormously. Not a common thing to see, but when I works, it's amazing.

  3. I wear yellow all the time in the summer, but a bit less bright. Love the Sass & Bide tee. Where did you find it?

  4. Same feelings over here, but our middle son loves yellow, the brighter the better, and even as a very young child always gravitated to that color (remember those dreadful yellow rain slickers???). So he can have the sweater while his mother happily wears that gorgeous Ralph Lauren skirt with the pumps.

  5. Thank you for posting this Janice, as it's given me some new ideas. I do have a pale yellow long-sleeved top, plus a yellow and white striped short-sleeved top - maybe some of these combinations would work for them.

    I love the way you respond to reader requests!

  6. A bright yellow sweater with jeans-my favorite!

  7. I have a question that frequently arises when I look at these combos--just how do you wear the sweater with the top? For example looking at the grey and yellow top in the 5th set above--since the neckline appears to be lower than the sweater, how would you even see it under the sweater? Over the sweater reminds me of the grunge era. I understand that these are to show coordination, but I need some guidance on how you would actually put something like this on!

  8. Only here, at the esteemed Vivienne Files, could a neon yellow sweater look so good, that I caught myself thinking, "Ooooo... that's so beautiful! I want to wear that!!"

    Thanks for brightening our day!

  9. I love this - could you do with with a bright red version?

  10. While I would never wear such a bright yellow, I do have friends that would look terrific in this color. Thank you Janice for putting together color combinations that may not personally work for you, you are most generous. In some ways, presenting colors that don't work for me helps me to understand how the combinations work--I've got some ideas from this post!

  11. What's great is that I can do some of these in "reverse" because I bought a bright yellow short skirt for summer so the color wouldn't be near my face. But some of the colors or patterns of the bottoms in these group can be used as tops for the bright skirt. The shoes and accessories can work, too. Thanks!

    1. Good point. Didn't even think of that.