Friday, April 05, 2013

A simple navy & pink summer wardrobe, with accessories

Cotton cardigan – Maison Scotch, sunglasses – Vera Bradley, earrings – Ylang23, opal bracelet
 – Majolie, necklace – Twist & Scout, gold earrings – Brooks Brothers, tee shirt – Jack Wills
, pearl bracelet – Stella & Dot, navy & white bracelet – Wing Paris, flowered cotton 
scarf – Marc Jacobs, skirt – Isabel Marant, navy sandals – David Tate, navy flats – Tabitha 
Simmons, pink flats - Balenciaga, gold sandals – Taryn Rose, scarf - Hermes

All clothes - L.L.Bean


Artisan Made Jewelry Designs


  1. You could wear this for spring and summer! Navy is a better color than black for me. Are you doing a spring 333 wardrobe?

  2. i would love to find a navy dress like this...what a great piece for the wardrobe. In the last year, I have added more navy to my wardrobe. It is such a great neutral to replace black...which I tend to wear too much. Thanks for the options.

  3. They are on sale at LLBean right now!

  4. I hope you're doing a spring 333 wardrobe!

  5. I really like seeing what a few "extra" pieces plus accessories can do for the simple wardrobe. I've always loved navy and pink, but your combinations make the two so snazzy. (I wish I could still wear sleeveless tops, but I can try to approximate the look, maybe with cap sleeves? Any suggestions on this are welcome.)

  6. Can I burble on about how much I like navy and pink (or peach, or coral if better with skin tone)? It's the perfect summer-business palette (casual or formal, depending on the pieces), and also vacations well. We need a dark in summer, for example, do not get on a plane in white linen. (I am living proof.)


  7. Yes,I'm already mentally substituting coral or orangey red for pink (for spring and summer)and rust for fall. Navy is a very practical neutral (and not nearly as difficult to collect matching separates in as taupe or camel or even gray.) Thanks, Janice.

  8. Happy 2 years Vivienne Files! I LOVE your site and seeing all the wonderful ways that you show us how to make the most of our closets - especially the casual common wardrobe series.

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