Saturday, March 02, 2013

Just Because You Can...

I have no idea who drew this - please let me know if you know the artist!

So I've already been to work for a couple of hours, and then out shopping with belovedest.

In the course of trying on clothing, B started with a pair of slim-fit pants, and asked our lovely young salesperson if there was anything available that was MORE slim.  Indeed there was, and they did... indeed... fit.  

The looked pretty adorable, frankly.

But he also reminded me quite strikingly of our 19 year old nephew. B is 50...

There are no rules about what you can wear at which age - I'd be the first person to protest any such policies.  But I do think that there is a voice inside all of us that helps us remember when we're comfortable and true to ourselves.  That voice was SCREAMING at B, when he put on the super-skinnies...

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


  1. Amen! I think one can still look sharp, edgy and on trend -- everything but matronly (maybe that should be muttonly!) -- without swinging too far to the other end. Love that picture!


  2. My favorite variation on this is the gaunt, crow-like, tight-faced, over dyed 40- or 50-something. You're not kidding anyone! You're scaring them!

  3. Sometimes it makes you feel really good to know you can!

    1. Oh Absolutely!!!! Seeing B in those pants was very encouraging for us to continue to workout and eat well. But it just ultimately was a bridge too far, stylewise...

  4. I recommend India Knight's hilarious new novel "Mutton. Age before beauty. Maybe." That being said: I also think age is not the ruler on what to wear - but there are things that seem suddenly out of proportion, though they fit extremely well. When I try on a dress which I think is too short, and the salesperson says: "But with your legas - you can wear it!" I say: "Thank you - but I don't have too :-)"

  5. Mutton dressed as lamb! Love the illustration (and sentiment).

  6. I agree! There comes a time when no matter how great your legs are you should just say no to mini skirts and short shorts! I also think you can look on trend without looking like you have been in your granddaughters closet.

  7. I'm afraid that being comfortable and true to yourself has kept me too comfortable and probably not as trendy as I would like. I use your blog posts for ideas on how to expand my horizons. As I get older more options as in short skirts, sleeveless tops ect., are out of my comfort zone. Perhaps you can expand on what would be considered dowdy or matronly for those of us who are playing safe.

  8. This is when it helps to have an outspoken 10 year old son as a shopping partner. Even at a young age is fashion sense is well developed. As his is opinion of what his 50-ish mother should wear in public.

  9. Agree with Virginia. I don't have a tendency to dress too young anyway, but the look of absolute horror on my 12 year old daughter's face when I even jokingly suggest something at the store would keep me on the straight and narrow anyway.

  10. For me sensible shoes,no low cut anything, no tight or slim anything.My upper arms
    okay for now but I will stop when jiggle factor raises and no white pants highlighting
    my ample butt.Okay my shopping has become easier or more difficult depending on my state of mind.
    Janice you have helped with the llbean anyone can wear them and then add according to their comfort level.

  11. Once a year, I go for 3 days, to a quilting and sewing show where I work for a vendor there. Sometimes I see women walking around in beautifully crafted "art pieces" that just should not be worn. Every year, I comment to my employer / friend, "Just because you can sew that, doesn't mean you should wear that!" And to think, "These people made these garments on purpose!"

    Louise P