Monday, November 12, 2012

Project 333: camel & grey, step by step

  • A Capsule Wardrobe for a "Soft Spring": - I was thinking fondly of my favorite blue-eyed blonde...

Camel blazer – Gucci, camel cardigan – Jil Sander, grey cardigan – L.L.Bean, cabled sweater – Nili Lotan, camel cardigan – Etro, pink cardigan – L.L.Bean, grey blazer – Theory, ivory silk blouse – Alexander McQueen, pink sweater – Malene Birger, grey vest – L.L.Bean, blue sweater – Acne, white shirt – Theory, grey turtleneck - Malo, grey dress – J. Crew, cowl sweater – Splendid, pink shirt – L.L.Bean, camel dress – Phase Eight, Fair Isle sweater – Brooks Brothers, blue twill blouse – T by Alexander Wang, grey silk blouse – 0039 Italy, pink shell – L.L.Bean, pink turtleneck – L.L.Bean, pink skirt – J. Crew, tweed pants - Michael Kors, pleated skirt – Comme des Garcons, camel pants – Max Mara, grey skirt – J. Crew, jeans – White Stuff, floral skirt – Jill Stuart, grey pants – Theory, tweed skirt – Etro, silk striped pants – Vanessa Bruno, camel skirt – Max Mara

Grey blazer & pants -Theory, dress & skirt – J. Crew

Blazer – Gucci, pants – Max Mara, dress – Phase Eight, skirt – Max Mara

Pink skirt – J. Crew, ivory cardigan – Orla Kiely, camel cardigan – Jil Sander, tweed skirt - Etro

Cowl sweater - Splendid, cable sweater – Nili Lotan, tweed pants – Michael Kors, silk striped pants – Vanessa Bruno

Grey cashmere turtleneck - Malo, ivory silk blouse – Alexander McQueen, grey silk blouse – 0039 Italy, camel turtleneck – J. Crew

sweater – Malene Birger, shirt – L.L.Bean, cardigan – L.L.Bean, short sleeved sweater – L.L.Bean

Twill blouse – T by Alexander Wang, pink turtleneck – L.L.Bean, floral skirt – Jill Stuart, blue sweater – Acne

Grey sweatersL.L.Bean, pleated skirt – Comme Des Garcons, jeans – White Stuff, crewneck sweater - Acne



  1. Beautiful knitwear once again. I played with your new format for a couple of hours over the weekend and like it very much. The visuals are very nice. Well done.

  2. Well done with the new format! It took a little while to get used to the layout, but I enjoy viewing your posts in different styles. Love it!

  3. Love, love, love. I am crazy about this one..even if I don't wear pink anymore. (I went through a regrettable overly pink stage in high school and college. I was two steps shy of being a brunette Elle Woods.) I like the idea of finding another signature though. Up until now, GRAY has been my signature. So, I'm going to do my paring down today to see where I end up. I'm shooting for 50 garments, excluding yoga wear. What's been interesting so far, as I've bagged up my pieces to give away (if I haven't worn it in two years, it's going to, buh-bye, size 2...) is that I seem to gravitate towards the same pieces over and over, which means that my 'impulse' buys rarely get worn. I think my subconscious has been working in this direction all along. It just needs to communicate with my 'id' better so I don't end up spending money on things that might look adorable in a shop, but that I'll never actually use.

    1. I think all of us wrestle with that question - a really REALLY beautiful item - but does it actually need to go home with us? Coming to grips with the fact that you can't, and you really SHOULDN'T, own everything that you admire is difficult. And finding that "signature" look? Even harder...

  4. Although I am a very light-skinned brunette with brown/green eyes, I feel that these are my absolute favourites so far. I have realized that soft Pink has been my signature color for years, until today. (I like a soft light Blue very much, too). Grey and Camel (and Navy) are/will become my basics in my new wardrobe, so you are fulfilling my dream 333 by posting these beautiful pieces and combinations - thank you so much. Birgit

  5. Oh, I really like the new header. It makes the site seem so much friendlier.

    This is very nice but pink isn't my color - could you sometime do a wardrobe based on black, creams and leopard [golden browns]? A variation of the original Common Wardrobe, or a 333, is my heart's fondest desire!

    1. This one sounds very intriguing to me as well! Thanks. ronda

  6. I am all about grey these days....pewter, charcoal, dove, heather.
    I think it is my new passion and it works with all my black basics.

    The camel is not a flattering colour on me but I love it on others.

  7. Another wonderful post! Janice, would it be possible for you to one day write a post about how meeting Vivienne changed everything for you and what were your shopping habits pre-Vivienne? Is your style the same or has that, too, changed since you met her? I am sure your audience would be interested in this as well :) Also, what does your hubbie think of all of this?
    Once again, un gros merci :)

  8. I am having a hard time with this new format- it is coming across very bright and washing out the colors. Is anyone else having a hard time with it? ( sorry hate to complain) I really love your blog. I love the core of four concept. That really made sense to me and in a recent post you made a comment about not all of the clothing will match but it looks like it belongs to the same person. That comment was a major lightbulb moment for me. After reading that I removed some clothing in my closet that just did not make sense . I was able to go shopping knowing just what I needed.Thank you for all the hard work you put into this.

  9. Thanks for the camel/grey combinations. Very lovely!
    I like the new format although, as the previous reader, I am getting too bright and washed out colours on my screen.
    Also have to say that I miss the fantastic photos you used to have on the header - Ireland, Paris, etc.. - IMO these beautiful photos helped to wake up and prepare the eye of the reader to better enjoy the posts, bringing in the classic-stylish-timeless-vibe, setting the tone, so to speak.
    Greetings from Germany :-)