Friday, May 25, 2012

Chic Sightings: three pairs of ideas

Maybe it's because I was in such a good mood yesterday, but I saw LOTS of nicely-dressed women yesterday.

After a while, I realized that I could group these sightings in pairs, so that you get two perspectives on how to wear beige capris, two different outfits based on bright blue pants, and a way to wear the separates of a navy suit, paired with yellow.

Two things I must call out:
1.  If you would wear a dress over a swimsuit, you probably shouldn't wear it to an office.
2.  Leggings are NOT pants.  And FWIW, neither are yoga pants...

Blouse – Giuletta, Capris – Miu Miu, belt – J. Crew, black sandals – CL by Laundry, cardigan – A.P.C., leopard tee – Romwe, ballet flats – Jimmy Choo

Tee – J. Crew, pants – 3.1 Phillip Lim, plaid overshirt – Old Navy, white sandals – Modcloth, flowered shirt – Kaliko, white denim jacket – Dorothy Perkins, white flats – Jimmy Choo

Tee shirt – Calypso St. Barth, trousers – Etro, scarf – Brooks Brothers, navy blazer & pants – Windsmoor, navy loafers – Repetto, linen cardigan – J. Crew, silk tunic – Tibi, yellow flats – H&M


  1. Excellent post! I live in a small rural town where leggings actually "are" pants (but not for me). Thats why I love your blog. Confirms my fashion notions are not so weird!

  2. I would be so self conscious in leggings at work! I would never do that. I have enjoyed wearing them on dates with my husband. The looks here are all amazing and I am taken with the great flats you find...I so wish San Antonio had an H & M!!

  3. I wouldn't wear yoga pants to work, but they are pants IMO: elastic-waist, pull-on pants. I admire how you make a WIndsmooor pant suit chic. Whenever I look at WIndsmoor in a store, it looks hopelessly dowdy,

  4. Wise words Vivienne... leggings are definitely not pants and.... cover ups... or what I call dresses over swimmers are for a pretty relaxed kind of office! Have a happy weekend... xv

  5. I agree with you Vivienne. Very nice combinations (or should I type "pairings?" as always.) Bon weekend. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  6. I do wear leggings to work...
    it is quite acceptable with a nice longer tunic top.

    I work in a school with special needs children and we are on the floor as much as we are in our desks.
    Food gets flung, things get messy, there are felt markers and paints that end up more on me than on the paper...
    I am sure you get my drift.
    Sadly my Hermes scarves rarely get worn at work:-(

    If I worked in an office I would have an entirely different wardrobe.

    1. Dearest Hostess,
      There's NOTHING wrong with leggings, in and of themselves. I rocked an Eileen Fisher dress with leggings for years. It's the idea that leggings take the place of pants, i.e. that I can see everything up to your waist... Immodest, unattractive, and sometimes a bit scary!
      thanks for letting me clarify,
      and a big hug,

  7. I wear yoga pants a lot- the straight cut ones with tunic length tops. But I would not wear them to the office. BTW, I'm beginning an office job also after over two years off and 50 pounds lighter. So a whole new work wardrobe must be developed. I'm looking forward to lots of posts re your new office wardrobe and any chic sightings in the office!! Please do a LOT of these as there are so many of us. HUGs

  8. P.S. I've reexamined your previous post "A dilemma, and a wardrobe math solution". Black is too harsh for me--I prefer softer navy and tan with aqua, light blue and green accent. Your outfits in that post are helpful but seem to be too warm for the hot seasons here in the South. What will you be wearing to keep cool at the office in these coming months? LUV your blog! Thanks!

  9. My favourite is the butter yellow with the navy blazer. So classic, so simple, so chic. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Please don't tell me that someone was wearing a dress with swim suit straps showing!

  11. Once I came upon a blog devoted to photos of women wearing leggings instead of pants .... when they absolutely shouldn't. It was a hoot and a good reminder! Wish I knew its name.