Monday, November 28, 2011

In Praise of Whimsical Socks

Zebras – Old Navy, stripes – Wetseal, dots – Kate Spade, stripes – Armor Lux, crochetedPacsun, 2 Fair Isle –, argyle – Kate Spade

Ah, for us workers bees, the holiday season wardrobe is boring, boring, BORING.  Black tee shirt, jeans, work shoes.  Gray tee shirt, jeans, work shoes.  Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.  And oh yes, don't forget my apron, which all employees wear...

A sock with a bit of color, pattern, or texture doesn't make a lot of difference in how I appear; very few people get much of a look at my socks.  But at least my laundry basket has a bit of zing to it!

And although I know I won't win a Nobel Prize for this, I have not lost a sock in decades.  When I take off my socks, I safety pin the toes of the two socks together.  The duo goes through the laundry together, hangs to dry together, and goes back into the drawer together.  

Amount of time spent "mating" socks after laundry = 0.  
Number of lost socks = 0.  
Cost of salvaged safety pins from various dry-cleaned items = 0.  

Either I'm very clever, or very lazy!


  1. I vote for clever. I don't lose socks but I may use this method anyway because I abhor sifting through the laundry mating all the socks together.

    Next time I am out shopping, I am going to treat myself to a fun pair of socks. I must have the most boring collection of black and brown socks ever.

  2. oh my gosh! I always pin my socks mom taught me, so I grew up doing it. When I went to college people picked on me...but I was never searching through the random sock pile. Now I'm trying to train my husband...

  3. Clever! Of course clever. :)