Monday, September 12, 2011

Wardrobe: back to work mom...

cardigan – Oasis, teal cardigan – Miss Selfridge, teal tee – James Perse, red tee – Topshop, pants – John Lewis, khakis – Old Navy, skirt – Twenga, white tee shirt - Topshop  
Red flats – Topshop,  teal flats – Dorothy Perkins, silver & teal earrings – Hannah Zakari, dotted scarf – Debenhams, teal pearl set – JC Penney

tee shirt – Miss Selfridge, long-sleeved tee shirt – J. Crew, black capris – Dorothy Perkins, skirt – Topshop, back flats – Topshop, Fairisle cardigan – Buckle, earrings – 1928, purple cardigan – Old Navy, scarf – C and C California

Tee shirts – Dorothy Perkins, JeansTillys, boots – Clarks, hat – Monsoon, cardigan – John Lewis
Clothes and shoes – L.L.Bean, scarf – Modcloth, bracelet – Forever21


  1. Good Morning,

    This is a perfect purchase plan and wardrobe for a returning to work Mom of small children. I am sure this person will will be thrilled when she is able to get to her computer.


  2. Ahhhhh! Just put baby to bed and I am sitting with a cup of tea, note book and bowl of soap enjoying my fall wardrobe plan. This is fantastic. The date will soon be set for this big shop and the picture will be printed. Thanks so much. I may have a few more questions, in a few more days:)


  3. hahahaha! Bowl of soup- not soap!

  4. I was liking the bowl of soap idea! Please send me an email ( or leave a message and let me know what you decide to purchase - I'm really eager to hear! love, Vivienne

  5. The purple accents are stunning. I wouldn't think to add in purple to the mix, but it goes so well with everything.