Saturday, July 16, 2011

Accessories for a bright, graphic, colorful capsule wardrobe

Square scarves – Hermès, Quotation mark gold earrings – Tom Binns, Black faceted onyx earrings – Primadina 
Umbrella – Kate Spade, Striped cashmere muffler – Michael Kors, Black stone necklace – Amrita Singh, Smoking lips necklace – Lynn Ban, Cuff bracelet – House of Harlow 1960, Red tassel earrings – Citrine by the Stones, Watch – Movado, Bag – Michael Kors, Gloves - Forzieri, Silver oval pierced earrings – Swarovski, Tall boots – Christian Louboutin, Black & red pumps – Kors Michael Kors, Polka dot flats – Dolce & Gabbana, 
Black white loafers – Bass, Slingbacks – Stella McCartney, Yellow sandals - cocolico, Black short boots – Jeffrey Campbell, High tops – Converse Chuck Taylor

Did someone ask for accessories?  For your reference, these were the original garments, minus the outerwear.


  1. Hi,

    Yes, I asked and boy did I receive. I really hope your friend uses your wardrobe suggestions to the fullest extent possible.

  2. You do have quite a talent for putting together 'wardrobes' which I am enjoying. I'm looking forward to the next instalment.


  3. Here are some more suggestions:

    * Charcoal grey, lavender, white
    At 47, I find that I'm less able to wear a lot of black close to my face. So, I've started building a wardrobe capsule around grey - wool pants, light weight wool skirt, non-matching but coordinating not too conservative or masculine jacket. I've never been able to wear white tops until recently after I stopped highlighting my hair blond (which is the color I was born with). Lavender just looks great on me but is hard to find. I also considered pink, sage, or sky blue,

    * Grey, light/bright navy, sky blue (and maybe brown) based on a scarf
    All colors I currently wear except the sky blue. Lighter. brighter navy looks great on me, but very dark navy is like black only more boring.

    * Sapphire blue, peach, sage/light moss green
    One of my new favorite scarves. As a somewhat cooler toned person, the peach/sage are on the border of what I can wear. The exact shade matters. I cannot wear orange or yellow except very small amounts in a print with other colors.

    *Black, peach, sage, (and maybe light blue)- perhaps charcoal gray instead of black since it's not in my color palate?
    My all-time favorite scarf for the last ten years (bought in late August 2001), and most likely one of the Met museums best sellers as it's still available after all this time. It somehow magically goes with 75% of my wardrobe even though I don't own any solid peach.