Friday, June 10, 2011

A photograph you must take THIS WEEKEND

This would be enough jewelry for me...

On Saint Patrick's Day, 1999, I came home from work about 5:30 p.m. to find a four-inch hole in my apartment door where my lock used to be.  Now, knowing the ineptness of my management company and their maintenance people, my first assumption was that the lock was being replaced, and they were doing a really LOUSY job...

But you guessed it - I'd been robbed.  Various sundry small electrics, my college diploma (seriously - not my high school, not my graduate school,  just my college diploma!) and of course EVERY piece of jewelry except what I was wearing that day.  

I'm still a bit bitter about this, because they also got a really cool black leather jewelry case that looked like an old-fashioned train case.  That case made carrying out all of my jewelry easy for them...

Between the police and the insurance company, I eventually felt thrice victimized.  The police were deeply not interested in my paltry theft, and the insurance company pretty much denied that I'd ever owned any jewelry at all unless I had photographs or receipts to prove what I had owned.

Thus, I say to you: dump your jewelry onto your bed.  Take some decent photographs of things - close enough to be able to show size, design etc.  Email the pictures to yourself and just leave them in your email forever.  (also a good way to have permanent access to images of your passport and the contents of your wallet)  

Now tidy up and go on with your life, knowing that in some way you have just hedged a bet with karma.  And have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Great advice! And as a former insurance agent, it pays to schedule your more expensive items such as wedding ring, strand of pearls or expensive watch. It may add a little extra to your premium but almost any type of loss is covered. xxBliss

  2. What a fantastically smart idea! I will do this. My fine jewelry has appraisal papers and since my husband is an excellent record keeper, he has all the receipts. But I have some Metal Pointus cuffs and bracelets from Paris that I should photograph and document as well as some family jewelry that is worth a little something.

    So sorry to hear you were burglarized. I, too, would still be bitter.

  3. Good advice. I'm going to do it this weekend and save the pictures to my thumb drive. This is great timing as I'm leaving for a month. I may even scan the receipts for my jewelry, as well as the appraisal for heirloom silver, and store it (additionally) on a thumb drive that's easy to throw into luggage.

  4. I took photos a few years ago of my pieces that were worth something (either monetarily or sentimentally) at the urging of my aunt. She said to think that even if I lost it I would have a photo in which I could use to recreate it. For the most part we keep anything of value in a coded safe, and that coupled with it's location and our excellent alarm makes me breathe easier. I had never thought to e-mail myself the photos though, which is an excellent idea!

  5. Hi Vivienne! Love that name, so femme and french. I'm new to your blog, but like your suggestion to photo all jewelry and receipts for insurance documentation. Have you been able to replace much of it? Do you live in an urban or suburban area? I'm planning to install a small safe in a new home that's under construction. Anything to slow down and discourage burglary is all you can do. Hope you have a good week.

  6. I live smack in the middle of a big city, thus the complete lack of interest on the part of the police. If I'd been bleeding from a gunshot wound, I might have received a bit more attention... And I wasn't able to replace most of the jewelry; things like my high school class ring, or other gifts were irreplaceable. Happily, my beloved partner in life gave me a huge Tiffany gift coin sack within days, so I did get a few GORGEOUS things to tide me over!

  7. I've heard of women who keep their "good stuff" in the freezer, but I'm sure thieves are on to that. I have a secret stash place, but when the jewelry is in there I don't wear it because it's too much trouble to get out and then put away later. I have a floor safe with a combination which I can't work no matter how hard I try, so that's out. I've thought of getting digital combination for it if at all possible. I'd have no trouble working it. But I will photograph everything, as you suggest.

  8. Ah-yes. I am sorry for you--even after all this time has passed. I appreciate the idea to photograph my important stuff--that is great info.

    I am a bit crazy when I leave town for fear I will be robbed and I tend to hide my jewelry all over the house in very inconspicuous places. All this since my dearest friend and her family was picked up by taxi to be taken to the airport for a family vacation. Her home was robbed of all the jewels that could be located. It is thought the cab driver was involved in a ring that informed the burglars of the comings and goings of wealthy people in the area. These guys were good. They knew to look in the ceilings etc. And I also learned that there tends to be two types of burglars: electronics or jewels-not both. But in the end it opened my eyes and now I am on alert. I don't even like to walk outdoors with luggage as anyone around or driving by etc. becomes aware you are all leaving! Unfortunately, paranoid is a good word to describe me, now.

  9. I've been robbed three times in my life - Many years ago now, but I no longer buy expensive stuff - it was all taken. YOu can photograph it, you can hide it away and forget you have it. The police who helped us out when we were cleaned out on our honeymoon - yes on our homey-moon - suggested keeping brooches pinned to jackets, ( It was the 90's :)) and earrings and bracelets in the pocket of a blazer - Thieves are unlikely to rifle through your whole wardrobe. he also suggested keeping some stuff in the usual places - top drawer, jewelry tray, so they stop looking. The photograph is still critical though - for the possible fire, tornado, flood...