Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Traumatized by Trench Coats

Every list of "essential" garments for women includes the trench coat.  And I've tried, believe me, I've tried.  Two years ago I picked up the lovely thing pictured above, and....

I look like a sausage with a rubber band around it.  Deeply and profoundly NOT flattering.  I should have known that double-breasted is not a good idea for me, and belting isn't something that I do very often either.  But I was determined to take the fashion mavens at their word and I believed that if I just did.... something..... ANYTHING.... differently, this would be the coat of my dreams.


So I sold this beauty on ebay, waited 'til I saw the right thing, and I scored the women's version of this:

from Burberry.  Okay, it's not the traditional trench of our dreams, but it makes me look like I'm 6 feet tall and weigh about 100 pounds, which isn't all bad!  It will last the rest of my life, and yet again it's forced me to take a hard look at myself and not be overly influenced by my fantasy fashion life.  

And it keeps me warm - not a bad deal, overall!


  1. So it's not the traditional trench of your dreams but because it fits your body type I'm sure you look so chic in it! You are now creating your own personal style, not trying to copy that fashion fantasy! I think that's fabulous! And isn't that the goal anyway when creating a signature style? :)

  2. What a happy find! I found my perfect trench a couple of years ago on Banana Republic's site. I had it tailored to fit me the way I wanted and wore it almost every day last fall and winter - and even a bit into spring. It was the best $300+ I have ever spent.
    Last October, my husband and I went to Italy for two weeks, then Paris for a week. Having my trench with me helped me to feel like I fit in a little more with the chic Europeans.

  3. When something fits YOU right and makes YOU feel chic--that is the only style you need. xxBliss

  4. Actually, this is a good trench for anyone wanting to create the "almight unbroken line".

    Burberry has come out with a plethora of riffs off the classic trench that you may want to investigate - if you ever want to add to your trench wardrobe, that is. A good empire line underneath the breast and a slightly flared hem would be darling.

    But I do like the painfully simple lines of the men's trench. It's such a great backdrop for the feminine touches of riding boots and scarves!

  5. Totally agree with you Janice - I too cannot do double breasted. However, I am now the proud owner (and wearer!) of a single-breasted version of the classic trench. Now I'm on the hunt for a version in another colour...