Starting From Scratch

Starting A Capsule Wardrobe from Scratch

One of the things I am asked most often on The Vivienne Files is ‘How do I start a capsule wardrobe from scratch?’ Starting a capsule wardrobe from the very beginning is a terrifying thought. But it’s manageable, if you go step by step, and have a clear plan.

If you’re asking ‘what is a capsule wardrobe?’ be sure to visit the Start Here page for an overview.

I’ve created a variety of posts to walk you through the process of building a capsule wardrobe. I suggest you begin at the beginning, with my most detailed, 20-part series, How to build a capsule wardrobe from scratch:

Ready to do it all over again? The following posts walk you through building a capsule wardrobe in a more condensed manner:

Capsule Wardrobe Building Articles

Once you’ve mastered the basics of creating a capsule wardrobe these posts will show you variations in color palettes, climate, and formality.

    Mega Guide - How to build a capsule wardrobe from scratch step by step
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    1. I think this will be just what I need!
      Looking forward to read every post, thanks!
      (Just a sugestion... it would be great if this page had an image so I could pin it on Pinterest)

    2. Hi
      This is a really interesting concept Janice. Since moving home I've had to really think about my clothes (much less storage in this house). I'm finding that every piece has to really earn its place in my wardrobe. This way of putting together a core wardrobe has my little grey cells buzzing with ideas!
      I'm also on a mission to find my own style and experiment with different looks in my 50's, which I share on my blog ( It will be interesting to see if your ideas affect my purchase decisions moving forward.
      Many thanks

    3. Brilliant! Dear Janice this changed my life and continuing to do so!! And it gets better and better each time I go through this procedurec(this is my 8th time I guess).
      (I 2nd suggestion of putting images here - please add pictures of color chart to be easier to recognize articles.)

      Sania from Zagreb

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