Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe for a Long Weekend in Paris, with a Blue Jacket...

It was pointed out to me that this lovely nubuck suede jacket (thanks, House of Fraser!) would also look lovely with navy... so I'm taking us on an imaginary long weekend in Paris this time...

blue faux suede motorcycle jacket from Linea Weekend House of Fraser
Jacket - Linea Weekend

travel outfit in navy, with a blue faux suede jacket
Earrings – David Yurman, navy trousers – Linea Weekend, blouse – Linea Weekend, watch – Fossil,
jacket – Linea Weekend, scarf – Brunello Cucinelli, trainers - Vans, navy tote – Brooks Brothers,
suitcase – Eastpak

six-pack in navy and beige for a long weekend in Paris
Spatter-print top – Linea Weekend, ring – Pandora, necklace – Swarovski, sleeveless top – Calvin
Klein, ballet flats – Cocorose London, dress – Linea Weekend, silver sandals – Mint Velvet, earrings –
Pandora, silver clutch – Head over Heels, capris – Mint Velvet, sweater – Mango, skirt – Dickins

nine garments, in navy, soft blue and beige, for a long weekend in Paris

two outfits for a long weekend in Paris, including a soft blue faux suede motorcycle jacket

two outfits for a long weekend in Paris, including a floral skirt and a blue suede motorcycle jacket

two outfits for a long weekend in Paris, including a blue suede motorcycle jacket and navy capris


Looking Back:


  1. Thank you - I have a week long trip coming up and you're quite an inspiration for my packing list! Most of those days will be spent in the studio so there will be plenty of tshirts and jeans but at least I will look presentable and put together.

  2. Good to see you back! I'm plotting (planning) a trip for next year to Ireland and Paris. I love the Dickins and Jones skirt. It could be worn often and is a good price. Perhaps I should travel with an empty suitcase and just visit House of Fraser in Dublin. This is definitely a wardrobe that could take me to the theatre or to a country pub. Merci, Janice.

  3. Hello, I echo the welcome back. Even 2 days without Vivienne files seems long; I hope the medical things went ok. The dress and silver sandles are great finds. Both are versatile, comfortable, good looking and affordable for most people.

  4. I love the subdued grey-blue of the biker jacket. Much less severe than the standard black, but still providing a little edge.

  5. Thanks Janice, the whole look is gorgeous. Interesting to see how the combination results in a much softer overall look. I am also looking forward to seeing this beautiful jacket again over time as it becomes fully integrated into your own wardrobe. Enjoy!!!!

  6. Great travel wardrobe! I love your travel posts! Thanks so much!!

  7. On my way again almost a year later, and this is still a great packing set outline/inspiration with just one new blouse added. Thanks, Janice! Your ideas hold up over time beautifully.
    Sue G