Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Mid-Winter Refresh: Cashmere Sweaters for All Seasons

Fear not, I'm FAR from finished with Start With Art. (frankly, it's a theme that I will never stop doing - it's just too beautiful, and too much fun)

But there are so many really lovely cashmere sweaters on sale right now - for those of us who are growing MADLY tired of winter, and our winter clothes, this is a great time to grab a well-considered and carefully integrated new sweater into our wardrobes. (mine is a red cotton cabled crewneck, which will have legs far into the spring...)

Tan ballet neck sweater – Magaschoni, striped sweater – Duffy, green scoopneckJoseph
coral crewneck – Equipment

Cowl sweater – Jaeger, pink v-neck – Line, marled crewneck – l’Agence, blue scoop neck

Taupe crewneckJardin des Orangers, deep red cabled tunic – Closed, russet crewneck – Jaeger
caramel v-neckJaeger

Black and white striped sweater – Joseph, pink trimmed sweater – Autumn Cashmere, burgundy 
and navy striped sweater – Current/Elliott, green sweater – P.A.R.O.S.H.

If you're in the market for some winter clothes to brighten up the end of the season, it's well worth browsing sites like The Outnet, Saks Off 5th, or Neiman Marcus Last Call. Major retailers are dying to get spring merchandise into their stores, and thus are foisting off perfectly good, in-season merchandise to the discount stores. Don't get carried away - purchase ONLY with a clear plan - but take advantage of their desire to rush the season!

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)


  1. I like that you give us samples that work with our seasonal colors. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Agreed Cornelia. I appreciate the seasonal approach and the reminder. Shop with wardrobe discipline, that's my new motto. Thank you Janice.

  3. Have you seen the LL Bean cotoon cashmere ones? They are great for more southern regions of the country.

  4. Like the seasonal colors. However, I am surprised that you showed a turtleneck and pullovers for summer rather than cardigans which are easy to take on and off or throw over your shoulders. I think of summer as warm/hot weather. Perhaps you were showing color rather than style?

  5. lillibridges, I think that the seasonal colors shown here don't actually relate to the time of year that the sweaters would be worn but rather to the colors that look best on you, based on your own coloring. (This approach was popularized many years ago in the book called "Color Me Beautiful," if I remember correctly.) The idea is that the colors that you look best in depend on the colors of your hair, skin, and eyes. Some of us look best in "spring" colors, others in "summer," "fall" or "winter" colors. So which ever pallet you look best in, you would wear those colors year-round.


  6. Janice, you read my mind! It's the coldest time of the year in Tokyo, when it feels like spring will never come, so to cheer myself up and celebrate the end of classes this week, I bought a pink turtleneck sweater, harbinger of the cherry blossom season to come. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Thanks, Annonymous. I understand the concept now.

  8. Because I already own many, around now I wash and store some of the darker sweaters, and bringing out a few more brights. Because spring is so short and cold in NE Canada, I also have spring-coloured cashmeres, such as apricot and robin's egg. Those will come out in March. Doing this refreshes my "uniform" of dark jeans or pants and cashmere, till I ease into true warm-weather clothes sometime in May.

    1. That's a great approach. As much as I rely on my black v-neck, I am tired of it! My red sweater is going to see a lot more daylight...

  9. Depending on your body shape, it is worthwhile to scan the men's cashmere offerings. Last year I found an aubergine V-neck, and this year a lovely teal V-neck for about 75% off their retail price.