Saturday, July 05, 2014

Planning to Shop, and Getting Discounts...

streamlined wardrobe planning inspiration from the Vivienne files
One of my favorite wardrobes, from three years ago

Fall clothes are hitting the stores (amazing, I know, but we should be used to this by now), and the Nordstrom pre-season sale is coming up soon.  This means that it might be wise to start planning for the next season, so that we don't get blindsided by beautiful things without having a clue about what we're trying to accomplish.

In addition to making your shopping list, you might want to look into some ways to reduce your expenditures without settling for lower-quality goods.

Recently, I discovered a company called Raise.  You can find them here:


You can buy gift cards at a discount.  Every last retailer's not there all the time, and some of the discounts are pretty meager, but sometimes you can get excellent deals.  I'm sitting on a 30% discount card from a favorite retailer, just waiting for fall items to hit the racks...  I've got a black v-neck tunic sweater on my list, and with this discount, I can maybe get a somewhat nicer one than otherwise...

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Hi - re "discounts". For info, the Desigual skirt in the black & grey section of Starting from Scratch Stage 11 is currently on sale on the Desigual website for half price and for this weekend only there is free shipping. I paid 32 Euro's, about 44 US dollars. For me - with my mainly black, metallic grey and white wardrobe - this patterned red skirt is a challenge and I'm grateful to Janice because I would never have purchased had I not seen her picture with plain black top and matching scarf...and yes, I do have a dark grey denim jacket that will go perfectly, as will my black leather jacket. I only wish I had discovered the Vivienne Files years ago - I would have saved plenty! Best wishes - R

  2. I love July sales!! I will check the sight out. I also combine my birthday discounts (sent by most retailers with the sale prices) Thanks Janice!

  3. great discounts thanks for sharing it with us :)