Friday, April 26, 2013

Does every woman need a denim jacket? Customizing the Classics

A couple of people have asked me about the widespread advice that every woman show have a denim jacket. Of course I disagree with this idea - I don't think anybody else can tell you what you should have in your wardrobe.

Traditional denim jackets can be really cool, but they're not always flattering:

Jackets – J. Crew, Rag & Bone, Acne
There's nothing particularly wrong with denim; there are a variety of options in denim that could be a lot more flattering than the traditional cropped, narrow fit.
Denim slouch coat – Topshop, denim blazer – Gucci, long denim coat – Miu Miu
Maybe the cut is okay, but the color doesn't work very well; there are denim jackets in other neutral colors that might be a lot more useful for you.
Copper denim jacket – Uniqlo, olive mixed-fabric jacket – Lucky Brand, black denim jacket – R13
Or you could get really radical and choose a jacket in a bright color, or a fun pastel.
Denim jackets - Uniqlo

Lavender denim jacket – Uniqlo, pink jacket – Superdry, mint denim jacket - Newlook
And for many of us, a cardigan in a neutral color will provide that essential warm layer, and finished appearance, without the "hardness" of a denim jacket.
Cardigans - Uniqlo
Any suggestion of a "must-have" item is worth thinking about, if only to find the germ of the idea that could be useful for you.  In this case, a multi-purpose, not too dressy, not too warm layer to pull over a variety of outfits is the gist of what is suggested.  There are a world of options; one of them is perfect for you.
Cardigan – Uniqlo, earrings – Baccarat, beige lace dress – Dolce and Gabbana,  ring – Baccarat, sandals – Chinese Laundry, floral blouse – Billie and Blossom, coral pants – MSGM, sandals – Report, bracelet – Michael Kors, bag – Madewell, sunglasses – A.P.C., mosaic print tee – Calypso St. Barth, white capris – Sportmax, sandals - Rowen


  1. Yes indeed, the last screen is perfect for me. Love the colors. How you are able to reach the germ of the idea is constantly amazing to me. Have a great weekend.

  2. I have an orange denim jacket and it suits me well. I too like your last screen being an orange/coral woman.

  3. I had a denim jacket once, and never felt quite right in it. It wasn't until you mentioned the 'hardness' of the jacket, that I knew why. Well, I have more than made up for it by having several beautiful cardigans ranging from linen knit to cashmere, and never regretted putting that barely worn jean jacket into the donate pile. Thanks for coming through for us once again, and have a nice weekend.

  4. No..every woman does not need a denim jacket. I have survived my 50 years without one. I would like one though. I think a dark denim blazer would look great..cut a certain way it could be flattering.
    I like the pastel ( pink, lavender & especially the mint) jackets you are showing.
    Great work! I enjoy this blog.


  5. I agree that not everyone needs a denim jacket. The bought ones look boxy and are made from a specific weight of denim. There are some nice patterns out there to make one in a soft denim. I do like the coloured ones also. Using denim in jackets is another way to have something denim in your wardrobe. And some people will still not wear denim. For me, it is a part of life, we are rural people who have lived on ranches and farms. Denim tells who we are.

  6. We are such diverse people, how silly to assume that a single item of clothing would be "a must" for everyone. (I do not own a Little Black Dress -- *gasp*) However, for my lifestyle, a denim jack is part of my core wardrobe. I have two. One is a trim blazer cut with embroidery accents that I wear weekly throughout the fall and winter. The other is a pale green cropped jacket, similar to the picture, but with a zipper and no "hardware." From LLBean, it is my go-to jacket in the spring -- heavy enough to keep out the chill, light enough to wear in the office without looking like a coat.

    Once again, you have mined the gem and presented it to us all glittery and beautiful. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I could not agree with you more. I do love the look of a traditional denim jacket...on other people, but not on me. I just can't pull it off well. I also don't like the "hardness".

  8. I love the traditional denim jacket I bought from Old Navy 10+ years ago! I pinned a brooch over the breast pocket and I wear it everywhere!

  9. My substitute for denim jacket is navy blazer. It looks more polished and eliminates “Canadian tuxedo”(denim from head to toe) look when worm with jeans.

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