Thursday, November 08, 2012

Capsule Wardrobe Project 333: camel & navy, step by step

I think this wardrobe looks very diverse; if anybody is able to detect that you have only 33 garments, they are paying WAAAAY too much attention.  

Camel blazer – Gucci, camel cardigan – Jil Sander, navy cardigan – L.L.Bean, striped sweater – Gerry Weber, tweed cardigan – Paul & Joe, rust crewneck – A.P.C., navy blazer – A.P.C., blue shirt – D&G, rust blouse – Raquel Allegra, navy v-neck – J. Crew, yellow sweater – Acne, white shirt – Theory, navy shirt – J. Crew, navy dress – A.P.C., argyle sweater – Pringle, rust cardigan – Allude, camel dress – Phase Eight, Fair Isle sweater – Brooks Brothers, denim bow shirt – A.P.C., blue striped shirt – Golden Goose, rust tee – James Perse, navy turtleneck – N. Peal, floral skirt – Miss Selfridge, checked pants – Mango, twill skirt – L.L.Bean, camel pants – Max Mara, navy skirt – A.P.C., jeans – MiH, plaid skirt – Blumarine, navy pants – A.P.C., tweed skirt – Viyella, pinstriped pants – J. Crew, camel skirt – Max Mara

All clothes - A.P.C.

Blazer – Gucci, pants – Max Mara, dress – Phase Eight, skirt – Max Mara

Once I found this floral skirt, the accent color seemed obvious.

Floral skirt – Miss Selfridge, tweed cardigan – Paul & Joe, navy cardigan – L.L.Bean, tweed skirt - Viyella

Argyle sweater - Pringle, striped sweater – Gerry Weber, checked pants - Mango, pinstriped pants – J. Crew

Navy shirt – J. Crew, blue striped shirt – Golden Goose, blue shirt – D&G, camel turtleneck – J. Crew

sweater – A.P.C., blouse – Raquel Allegra, cardigan – Allude, tee shirt – James Perse

Denim bow shirt – A.P.C., navy sweater – N. Peal, plaid skirt - Blumarine, yellow sweater – Acne

Fair isle sweater – Brooks Brothers, cardigan – Jil Sander,  navy v-neck – J. Crew, twill skirt – L.L.Bean, jeans - MiH


  1. That floral skirt jumped right off the page at it!!

  2. Your first statement is so very on target. This is a beautiful set!

  3. I adore this collection and I really appreciate the step by step breakdown. I am taking lots of notes here and can't wait to see how my own wardrobe breaks out compared to this one.

  4. I too thought that this looks like more than 33 garments and I adore that Jill Sander cardigan. Pure styling at its best.

  5. I love the colour in section 6. What would you call it?

    1. I found these garments searching the internet for "rust", but I think of it as sort of softer than rust... anybody have any good ideas?

    2. Raw or burnt Sienna, perhaps. On my screen, they appear to be on the rosy side of that, so maybe Rose Sienna?

  6. I am finding, in seeing your blog every day, that while I have a lot of variety in tops and dresses, I have very little variety in pants or skirts. I have a ton of black trousers. One or two off-white or brown, maybe a few grey ones.. and that is it (and they are all biz-casual trousers, too). I need to branch out there, for sure. I love that this is getting me to think about combinations.

  7. Oooh! First timer here(via Trish's), will be back. Love, need, WANT blogs about process.
    I'm a Janice, too, only J-a-n-i-s. I'm taken with your Janus logo and our two sides! Have you ever noticed that most of the Janices/Janises in literary or film fiction are either mean girls, unattractive girls or the girl who gets killed first. Or is it just me?
    Will be back often!
    Jan Graham-McMillen

  8. Janice, this is delicious! You've created something varied, interesting, stylish and fun - who'd have thought, with such basic colours as camel and navy? There's nothing conservative-looking or safe about this one. And like Kasi, I'm benefitting from the step-by-step approach.
    Also realising just how much work and time go into your blog. I've been trying your format to get my head around my summer wardrobe (I'm in Tasmania), and it's really fiddly work. But worth it! Thank you for all that you do for us!

  9. Wow, you have created another perfect core with a totally achievable and wearable capsule. You are very talented and a jean-e-ous! :):)

  10. Some of my favorite colors-camel, grey, black, and winter white. I love this collection.