Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chic Sightings: Black & White Stripes

Striped sweater – D&G, red jeans – Current/Elliott, loafers – Jil Sander, bue sweater – T by Alexander Wang, striped & dotted skirt – Yohji Yamamoto, blue flats – Roger Vivier

Striped dress – Dorothy Perkins, yellow cardigan – Black Fleece, sandals – K. Jacques, barceletAspinal of London, striped shirt – Persona, white capris – J. Crew, pink flats – Bottega Veneta

White shirt – Mango, Black pants – Derek Lam, Striped socks – Monki, white loafers – Tod’s, black tank – DKNY, striped skirt – Vila, sandals - Born

Striped blazer – Romwe, black tank dress – Raquel Allegra, polka dot sandals – Marni, dress – Vince, striped bag – Jane Norman, ballet flats - Forzieri

Please note: I have NEVER accepted merchandise, nor money, from ... well... anybody, in exchange for my work on this blog.  My meager earnings come from Google, if and when anybody clicks on an ad on this site.  At this stage, my earnings per hour are a few cents...  So when I choose an image to represent in my vignettes, it is chosen because it is the best image I can find to express my ideas and dreams.

That said, if Yohji Yamamoto wants to give me that striped and dotted skirt in the first frame, I'd like the largest size available...


  1. I LOVE your picks today, especially the DKNY skirt and pink sheath dress outfits.

  2. All these brights with black look very fresh and wearable as well as, yes, chic, Janice. Although, I've seen so many black/white and navy/white stripes this summer, especially in airports, that I think it may be time to call a moratorium on the Jailhouse Rock look.

  3. I love the stripes, especially the bag! I also was ignorant of how you support your blog, so because I love, love, love your work, I will click on each ad every day.

  4. I am always weary of horizontal stripes because I think they add unnessecary
    bulk where I need it not. So, I'll take the ballet flats...

  5. Thanks for these combinations. I have the challenge of packing for Paris next week plus some days on the Croatian coast, and black, white, and color were what I was thinking.

  6. You deserve that skirt, hope you get it. Thanks for the lovely blog. xx

  7. I will start clicking on ads for traffic. Anything to keep you going.

  8. Ha! Cute post. You SHOULD get something for your efforts on these incredible, daily, amazing clothes combinations! Oh, do I love the black with pink; my fave. I love all the stuff on this post; summery. I don't know why it makes me feel this way, but it's so Carrie and the girls in "Sex and The City," walking a New York Street in summer heat, maybe a ice-creamy treat in hand. So, so, SO stylish! Makes me smile and dream a little.

  9. PS: I agree with the other bloggers; now that I know, I'll click on lots of ads. It's the LEAST I can do for all the fun you give, yes, but also practical and serious (seriously-wonderful!) inspiration/ideas. Truly; I think you have genius talent. If you're not a paid stylist, you should be. I do a lot of blogging and I've never seen anything like the prolific output on this blog. Yours is one of my most favorite blogs EVER. For we who love fashion, this blog is like a good drug. (That probably didn't sound very nice, but it's just what popped into my mind. But, you know, I think I definitely AM addicted to La Vivienne...)

    1. Don't click too many ads! It can get her account suspended and she'd lose the income if Google thinks you're playing it. Only click if you're genuinely interested in the ad. :)

      And Janice, diversify your monetization! Adsense isn't the only game in town, and you've got a loyal following that would be happy to help you earn with ads that are per view rather than per click. :)

  10. funny that you specifically chose & mentioned yamamoto's skirt... his work is now on exhibit here at the design museum outside of tel aviv!

  11. Janice: Check the links on the ads. The Bigelow link appears to be broken.

    Love your blog!!!