Thursday, February 09, 2012

Chic Sightings in the Chicago Loop: red coats

Maybe because it's been dark and gloomy, or maybe because Valentine's Day is barreling down upon us, but I've seen quite a few red coats in the last week, on women from 18 to 80.  They certainly brighten up an otherwise severe city sidewalk!

Red jacket – Donna Karan, black skinny jeans – Rag & Bone, red hi tops – Converse Chuck Taylor, red peacoat – DSquared2, striped scarf – John Lewis, navy trousers – Reiss, navy loafers – Easy Spirit,

Trench – Burberry,  tote bag – Kate Spade, black boots – Liz Claiborne, black tights – Oasis, scarf – Yves Saint Laurent, wool coat – Mauro Grifoni, grey pants – Viyella, patent loafers – Kate Spade


  1. I would buy a bright red Burberry trench!! So much better than the usual beige.

  2. I love my red coat! I feel so bright in a sea of black. Wish it was Burberry though. I usually wear it with my officewear of tights and black boots/navy loafers, or my casual wear of tights and dark olive Hunter gumboots for rainy DC weekends.

  3. Dear Vivienne,

    I can invest in only one high quality trench.
    The STYLE will be Classic for maximum longevity.
    It must be versatile and flatter my complexion.
    I have fair complexion, blue eyes and dirty blond hair.

    Which FABRIC & COLOR (Black, Honey or Trench) would you advise to select?

    100% Cotton Gabardine?


    65% Polyester/35% Cotton blend?

    Thank you.

  4. My Burberry is red, and I always get compliments when I wear it!

  5. Dear Russian,
    If you look better in warm colors - get the honey! But if you're more flattered by cool colors, the traditional trench color would probably be better. While I personally adore black, I'm not sure that it won't be too harsh for your fair coloring.
    Let us know what you choose.
    warmest regards,

  6. @Russian Chic:
    I did the honors of checking these out and while I think the first one is completely classic, the second one is classic while still having a bit of edge. I LOVE the second one. As for color, I say definitely the classic beige versus black. We share the same coloring and I think these are colors you MUST try on to determine which suits you best. The wrong beige can really wash you out. One shade will definitively suit your coloring better. Fantastic investment! Just chiming in with my 2cents;) michele

  7. Oh, beautiful looks.
    Love those Kate Spade loafers.
    Warm hugs to you.

  8. I wear a vintage, red mohair/wool coat during the winter as my casual coat. I love it. Of course it is always sassed up with a brooch and scarf. It's a fine line if I am channeling winter chic or granny style. ; ) All my other coats are black (besided my trench) so I like wearing the red...I feel better when I wear it.

  9. I adore that bright pop of red on a winter day..and I am not even a "red person"! Gorgeous and these looks prove it!