Monday, December 05, 2011

The Full House of Fashion Failure

It wasn't quite this bad...

On my always-interesting walk to work this morning, I passed one of the "cheap and cheerful" clothing stores (which I really dislike) and saw something quite horrendous.

An ENTIRE rack of blazers.

Orange blazers.

Orange DOUBLE-BREASTED blazers.

For $9.99 EACH.

And they appear to have been constructed by pre-school aged children.  Who were blindfolded at the time.  And maybe drunk.  Not a straight lapel, nor an even hem among any of the more than 60 or 70 blazers I could see.

AND, the material was of an appallingly bad quality.

So: difficult color, difficult cut, horrid workmanship, and terrible materials.  The full-house of failure.

Please note: I think there is a place in the world for a beautifully tailored, exquisitely constructed orange blazer made of the finest materials, in the wardrobe of someone for whom it is a signature garment, and upon whom it is supremely flattering.  This woman is one in... well, a few thousand, at least.  

These were NOT that garment.  These were a waste of money, materials, energy, human exertion, and frankly they were sort of an affront to good taste everywhere.  I'd love to know what the wholesale buyer who ordered them was thinking...


  1. Maybe they were shipped to Chicago by mistake? I'm thinking of 1000's of Texas and Tennessee football fans who wear the most deplorable clothing. A tacky orange blazer may fit in nicely with their other accoutrements.

    Or, maybe they are for the Masters in golf, mini-golf that is.

  2. I swear you should write a book; you are so funny; I about laugh-choked on my bagel reading this post! Like the clown in the picture, the sight you describes is an exquisite horror. The waste + awfulness + marketing inappropriateness...well, it's criminal. Rebekah is right: if it was a certain color of dusty orange, every University of Texas fan would have bought one in Austin. ;)

  3. LOL!!! I'm one of the few who look really good in orange. But I'll pass...

  4. Vivienne ... I have recently returned from a holiday to China and have come back totally depressed. I realise now that the whole world is DROWNING in cheap, poorly made Chinese garments. In Hong Kong I saw mens trousers for $10. I thought they were cheap. Then I saw some for $1.50. While people in the Western world buy this cheap Chinese made rubbish then they will keep making it. By the way... I found out that the workers in those Chinese factories are not much better than slaves. They work 9am - 10pm Monday to Saturday and then 9 am to 2pm on Sunday. yes - thats right - they get only one half day per week as free time. And they get paid peanuts. Thats why the blazers were $9.99 ... some person probably got paid 50cents to make it. Judith.

  5. Vivienne, your post reminded me that I have a very nice silk orange jacket sitting in the back of my closet. It is a vintage 1960's piece, lightly quilted and tailor made in Hong Kong that I bought several years ago as it was so well made and silk. And I don't know how to style it. Could you please work your magic and give me some style ideas.
    I have recently discovered your blog and really enjoy reading.


  6. I own a short orange double breasted trench coat. (By short, I mean hip length). I don't wear it very often, but, when I do, I ALWAYS gets compliment--even from strangers. I think it is the color which is especially flattering on me. It IS good quality ( BUT, I totally understand your post--and agree.

  7. Think of how many cheap and ugly clothes are produced and apparently sold. Souvenir t-shirts, sweats of all sorts, and black plastic Walmart shoes come to mind. Items so ugly I have NO idea what goes through the mind of the people who go and spend money on these items. So many awful pieces that should have never have had resources spent on fabricating ANYWHERE in the world, Sometimes they are hanging outside stores, weathering and fading before they are even purchased. Depressing...