Monday, August 29, 2011

Transitioning from one color palette to another - part 2

brown tee – Debenhams,  brown jeans – InWear, snake print tote – Jimmy Choo, safari scarf –,  loafers – Dolce Vita

All earrings – Ylang23

Camel jacket – Nordstrom, orange coat – Burberry Prorsum, gold jacket – Sonia Rykiel, yellow peacoat – Old Navy, tan peacoat – Victoria’s Secret, faux leopard trim coat – Miss Selfridge, orange hoodieJil Sander, olive coat – Rag & Bone
Green dress – Alice and Olivia, rust dress – Viktor & Rolf, orange dress – 3.1 Phillip Lim, camel dress – Dorothy Perkins, brown sandals – Tod’s, cognac sandals – Pied a Terre, gold sandals – Prada,  tan sandals – Sam Edelman


  1. please is it possible to do the same with winter transitioning to summer?i have dark hair grey blue eyes and pale skin but black was always too harsh for me.thank you.

  2. How can I determine my coloring?

  3. I love that you're showing ways to gradually switch your wardrobe out! I love What Not to Wear, but who has that kind of money to get an entirely new wardrobe? This is much more practical and I feel like I might be able to do this. Thank you!


  4. Another poster mentioned earlier that not everyone fits neatly into the four seasons. Besides the original Color Me Beautiful with 4 seasons (which never fit me), there are now at least twelve seasons. I've been looking at these books:

    Color me Confident

    Color me Younger (if you are 40+)

    Based on these, I identified myself as soft (and cool). I've looked for palettes online and this is similar to the dusky cool light or soft summer palettes from below.

  5. I've decided on two capsules. Gray and brown for work with colors that go with both. When wearing both colors the other day, some stranger came up to me in a mall, and during the conversation commented that I had a nice complexion. Blue and white for my casual wardrobe, and hopefully there will be some overlap between the two.

    Black is not the most flattering color on me anymore, but it doesn't look bad, so I'm transitioning away from it slowly. It will probably take 5 to 10 years. I bought a charcoal gray and another brown jacket, rather than a black jacket. Although I'm shying away from buying more black, especially to wear near my face, I have no plans to toss out all my black clothing. I did donate one black crew neck t-shirt, but the tops/dresses that are scoop neck or v-neck are fine. I've come to terms with the fact that I have four little black dresses, and no brown or gray dresses. It's not an emergency that I get one in those colors right away, but will simply keep my eyes open for the right one, rather than actively searching as I had been. I also wear a lot of scarves in the winter and that makes the black work.

  6. Request for a wardrobe:

    I'm a winter. I love berry colors, but am always drawn to blues and turquoise. I have dark brown curly hair (that's almost black) and fair skin (but not pocelein fair). I already have a lot of black in my wardroe. I've always wanted to wear nudes and dusty pinks, but after a lot of emotional sturggle, I've finally accepted that these colors just don't look good on me because they completely wash me out. I'm on the fence about grey, but wouldn't rule it out. I've finally given up on browns although that's another color I had, for some odd reason, alwyays tried to wear.

    I am inspired by the bold colors in this photo:

    I just got back from my first trip to Paris and fell desperately in love with the simple, everyday fashion of all the women! I came across this website by Googling "french chic." I am addicted. "Addicted" doesn't even cover it.