Friday, July 15, 2011

French Chic: if you're really exotic and work in advertising!

Blazer – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Cardigan – Acne, Blouse – Yves Saint Laurent, Tee Shirt – Topshop, Pants – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Bermuda Short – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jeans – Alexander McQueen, Scarf - Hermès
One of my friends has long black hair, an outrageous personality, and works in advertising.  This is for her!

White blouse – Marc by Marc Jacobs , Trench coat – Dolce & Gabbana, Winter coat – Maxmara Studio, Dress – Alexander McQueen, Pants – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Leather Skirt – Helmut Lang, Sweater – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Leather jacket – Helmut Lang 

Dress – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jacket – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tank – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Tee shirt – APC, Long-sleeved tee shirt – Proenza Schouler, Purple pants – Diane von Furstenberg, Sweater – Mochino Cheap and Chic, Purple top – Diane von Furstenberg
Please bear in mind that I couldn't wear this.  But it takes all kinds, and doing this wardrobe made it clear to me that the concept of core garments works for any style or personality.

I've noticed that the most straightforward way for me to "build" a wardrobe is to start with the scarf and work from there.

And as I think about it, this could be a good strategy for anybody looking for some guidelines and some structure around which to build their clothing choices.  The beauty of this approach is that you don't HAVE to actually own the scarf - you can find one that resonates on a deep level with you (colors, design and theme) and use that as the "keynote".  

Then, any potential garment that isn't in harmony with your signature scarf needs to be seriously reconsidered.  If this keeps happening, maybe you need to re-think your choice of scarf.  The beauty of the internet is that it lets you make imaginary purchases which can be re-evaluated over time, before the real money is committed.


  1. I absolutely adore it!

  2. I couldn't wear this either, but for those who could it would certainly be stunning.

    Mme UK

  3. Gorgeous and inspiring. BTW, at least one of the Philip Lim 3.1 items is on sale at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Just sayin'... :)

  4. Would you do a post on how to wear printed silk scarves and look chic? How would Vivienne wear them?

    There are lots of places on the web to tell you 20 ways to tie a scarf, but I don't see how to integrate it and style it with a chic wardrobe, and not look frumpy.

    I adore the colors and prints in silk scarves, but except for the occasional neck knotted small square inside a collared shirt, I never wear a printed silk scarf without feeling stupid or old shortly after leaving the house.

    I'm in my early 50's (but look and feel younger), so it's not like I'm 22 and afraid of looking old for my age. I just never got the scarf knack in my youth even though I wanted to, and now I don't see good examples in current fashion photographs now that I'm ready to learn.

    I have embraced and learn to style to ubiquitous knit and woven scarves that have been everywhere in the last few years. But I can't translate this skill to doing anything with a printed silk.

    I'm so motivated. Can you help?

  5. I'm not an Hermes scarf person, but I have a lot of multicoloured scarfs and am always using them as inspiration for what colors to combine in a single outfit. I figure as long as every color I am wearing is somewhere in my scarf, I'm good!

    I've just started reading, and am enjoying your site very much - thank you.

  6. Are you going to give your friend in advertising the accessories to match her clothes? I can imagine but your taste is outstanding..would love to see what you come up with.

  7. Lovely to read your blog. Could you also do capsule pieces for seasonal colours? I had a colour consultant determining me and I am a Spring type, before I liked to wear black pants and top with jackets and cardigans in different colours. Black is not part of the spring colour scheme and the colours for spring types are not easily found in October, November. So I am trying to find my way.
    Thanks in advance frm Europe.

  8. Using the scarf as a foundation stone for wardrobe planning is a unique approach. I'm not as creative as you, and so I usually stick to classic basics and add accessories. I have a few interesting pieces thrown in (a fall coat, an interesting skirt, a fur-collared sweater), but it's pretty much basic separates. I wonder if my approach is wrong? Something to ponder...

  9. I love this, so bold and fun!

    You are really very good at this.