1. Kristien62 says

    I have white jeans and never wear them. It's too hot here in the summer and I always wait until summer to put them on. I think I will take your idea and pair them with a v-neck sweater in the spring (the real spring- not this faux spring we are experiencing.) I have a purple v-neck and a grey one. Hmm- two new outfits out of my closet, never worn before. Thanks, Janice.

  2. Anonymous says

    Love seeing your photo and having an image to go with the voice. Somehow it makes your beautiful wardrobe stories even more appealing and relevant.

    You enticed me to make time to look at your blog so I could peek at your photo. Usually I read you on my phone, where I have really, really missed your old blog format because it let me read comments and also offer them on my phone. The new blog format hides comments on my mobile. I've really, really missed reading the comments, as they add a lot to the experience of reading your blog, but I never seem to make time to go look at your blog again when I'm working at my computer. Glad I did today.

    Thanks for the beautiful, inspiring, even transformative work you do here.

  3. Sue - Over 60 and Over Here! says

    This is making me think that maybe I need a purple v-neck sweater instead of a navy or camel one? Decisions! Decisions!!! Funnily enough I used to think of purple as an "old lady" colour, but now I keep adding purple pieces to my wardrobe. Some might say that is because, at the age of 65, I AM an old lady! Love this series and also love having an image of you. Thanks, as always, for your inspiration.

    PS A new season of Project 333 is about to begin, and you are being recommended on there.

  4. Lee Carroll says

    Purple and red is a wonderful combination when the right shades are mixed. Then add some green and gold.

  5. Anonymous says

    My favorite v-neck sweater this winter was deep red. I would love to see what combos you could design for that color.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and using ideas for packing for my London trip this fall!

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