Shopping The Vivienne Files

Here are direct links to some of my favorite stores; any purchases made through these links will generate small (TINY...) commissions for me, which help defray the costs of running The Vivienne Files. I'm very grateful for your support...

J.Jill - an excellent place to look if you love Eileen Fisher but find her too expensive. Their linen pieces are excellent, and I wear both their ponte knit skirt and ponte dress frequently... And if you get their credit card, you get a 5% discount on everything, as well as an additional discount during the month of your birthday!

Talbots - a great stand-by for suit separates, shoes, and some lovely scarves...

Nordstrom - the original go-to for shoes! While it's not the least expensive place in the world to shop, you truly can find everything you need here. They carry an exclusive selection of Eileen Fisher, too!

Lands' End - for years this was the best place on the internet to buy cashmere. You have to be pretty picky these days - if you get something substandard, SEND IT BACK, but my last purchases have been lovely... Also, if you struggle with swimwear, this is the place to look; they take real pains to fit everyone, with comfort and flattery.

L.L.Bean - NOT stodgy and boring... Some of the best-made tee shirts, jeans and sweater in the world...

Wolf & Badger - Sometimes, you need something amazing. A handbag, a piece of jewelry, or a scarf that you won't see anyplace else. This is where to look! The people are lovely, their stuff is out of this world, and the service is great. You'll be thrilled...

Novica - Jewelry, accessories and decorative object made around the world by artists and artisans far from the world of designer logos and brand names. Amazingly reasonable prices for some unique and completely lovely things. Some of my most treasured pieces of jewelry are from here.

Uniqlo - Japanese based, so the sizes can run small, but things are moderately priced and of very acceptable (but not amazing) quality. If you want something to wear constantly through summer, or if you want to experiment with a new color or shape, this would be the place to go. And if you have children or grandchildren for whom you occasionally buy clothes - Uniqlo has MORE novelty tee shirt (unoffensive ones, hallelujah!) than you'll ever need.

The Most Important Single Summer Garment!!!!

These little "skimmies," also known as slip shorts. If you have... thigh issues.... in hot weather, these will change your relationship with dresses forever. Trust me!

My Summer Wardrobe

It's amazing how much of my summer wardrobe is still available after a few years - the joys of timeless, classic clothes! (click on the image to go right to the item...)

linen pants, shorts and capris: J.Jill. These are available in khaki, white, a really nice dark granite grey, and a neat textured grey and white print that's almost seersucker.

Linen shirts - long-sleeved. I have the black, white, and the marled black/white. Mine have to be at least 4 years old, and they're just getting to that lovely soft stage... This shirt's also available in six really pretty colors; I was in their store last night, and I tell you without hesitation that they're lovely!

If you really like Eileen Fisher clothes, but they're just not in your budget, definitely take a look at J.Jill; many of their clothes share the same aesthetic (and their company has some former Eileen Fisher staff, so they come by their similarity honestly.)

These cardigans, in both black and white, are staples in my summer wardrobe:

The obvious finishing piece here is the linen knit tank top...


  1. Thanks, Janice. You do know where to shop! But you forgot Uniqlo. I'd never heard of it until you referenced it. I even checked out the Fifth Ave store the last time I was in New York. Thanks for all you do. Yours is the first thing I read every morning.

    1. I read The Vivienne Files first thing every morning, too!

  2. I am new to the vivian files. I have saved many on pintrest. But would luv to go back to the beginning and read all. How do i do this? Also people say tgey read your blig every morning. How do i do this. Please help. I luv vivian!!!

  3. Go to the Starting Here tab at the top and take it from there! Enjoy!

  4. I tried but cannot find your link to undies that you suggested for under skirts in summer. Please share again! Thanks, Lorna

    1. I put it right up top! I'm well supplied with these for now, and I forget how really critical they can be for hot weather comfort...

  5. Thanks! I'm traveling soon and want to wear skirts-- I'm understanding that shorts aren't appropriate in some places in Europe. I want to be comfy!