Thursday, April 12, 2018

Study in Verticals by Frantisek Kupka - Revisiting for Spring 2018

She likes facets... and doing difficult, serious work that requires her to be multi-faceted. So it's no surprise that her personal style guideline is this:

Study in Verticals by Frantisek Kupka with style guidelines and color palette

She's still wrapping up all of the documentation from a taxing negotiation from back in January... It was fully of drama - slammed doors, pounded fists, raised voices, and all sorts of threats to quit, or to fire people.... At least her travel wardrobe was under control - nothing else was!

business travel capsule wardrobe in navy with red, blue and ivory
red dress - Lands' End (similar here); navy & ivory scarf - Max Mara (similar here); hoop earrings - Macy's; silver earrings - Robert Lee Morris (similar here); floral earrings - Lands' End; ivory cardigan - Lands' End; agate necklace - Nakomol Design (similar here); blue dress - Banana Republic; handbag - Delpozo; striped scarf - Talbots; navy dress - Lands' End; geometric scarf - Gucci; striped bracelet - Talbots; watch - Shinola; red briefcase - Hermes; dotted scarf - Talbots; striped dress - Banana Republic; navy pumps - Calvin Klein; red striped pumps - Talbots; beige pumps - Jimmy Choo

She's now taking off just a few days, to sit under the trees, near the beach, and listen to the ocean...

travel outfit in navy and medium blue
dress - Eileen Fisher; cardigan - Eileen Fisher; earrings - Robert Lee Morris (similar here); watch - Shinola; scarf - Eileen Fisher; crossbody bag - Pop & Suki; espadrilles - Patricia Green; suitcase - Briggs & Riley

She's sticking with dresses. It's how she feels most comfortable! And she's keeping things simple - she's had quite enough complexity in her life recently...

Tote Bag Travel Capsule Wardrobe in blues, red and white
silver earrings - Pichaya; bracelet - Aoy; white dress - Eileen Fisher; agate necklace - Nakamol Design (similar here); striped scarf - Kate Spade New York; blue dress - Eileen Fisher; red jacket - Eileen Fisher; blue sweatshirt - L.L.Bean; sandals - Reiker Antistress; red canvas shoes - Toms

She takes some comfort in knowing that she can roll out of bed and put on pretty much anything she sees and that she'll look perfectly fine...

Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe with 3 dresses

She wonders if some of these outfits might be suitable for work... What if she's called into an arbitration in a really casual workplace, in the warmer weather?

3 ways to wear a white dress from a Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear a navy dress from a Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear a blue dress from a Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe

But at this moment, her only concern is catching the eye of that handsome waiter, so that she can settle down with an umbrella drink and do a bit of people-watching....

Study in Verticals by Frantisek Kupka - Revisiting for Spring 2018
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  1. I love that you've managed to may red white and blue NOT look nautical! Sophisticated and lovely...

  2. Love this! The wardrobe looks effortless, but I'm sure it wasn't actually. - nancyo