Monday, April 09, 2018

Shallow Deep by Wassily Kandinsky - Revisiting for Spring 2018

She loves simplicity, clarity, things that are explained and can be learned...

Shallow Deep by Wassily Kandinsky with style guidelines and color palette

So she became a teacher! Her last trip to New York was with a group of her students, and her travel wardrobe reflected her need to be bright, cheerful, mobile and ready for anything!

Travel Capsule wardrobe in navy and white with spring pastel accents
plaid shirt - L.L.Bean; earrings - Rosa Tomatis; green cardigan - L.L.Bean; pink cardigan - J.Crew (similar color here); green earrings - Kendra Scott; yellow jacket - Uniqlo; watch - Canton and Hall (similar here); white tee - L.L.Bean; striped shirt - Lands' End; striped tee - Uniqlo (similar here); graphic tee - Uniqlo (similar here); knit pants - Lands' End; jeans - L.L.Bean; backpack - Hershel Supply Co.; navy pants - L.L.Bean; sneakers - Clarks; clogs - Alegria

This time, shes going ALL BY HERSELF! Just for a couple of days, but a couple of days among adults...

travel outfit of a navy dress with muted teal cardigan and accessories
sunglasses - Lily Pulitzer; earrings - Viv & Ingrid; dress - Eileen Fisher; cardigan - Eileen Fisher; scarf - Eileen Fisher; crossbody bag - Coach; flats - Nine West; weekender - Vera Bradley

She's not taking very much AT ALL with her. She's going to concentrate on spending as much time with a work of art as she wants, without worrying about keeping her class on schedule. She's going to eat, slowly, savoring every bite and not caring one whit about the table manners of anyone around her. She's going to sleep late...

Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe in navy, teal and gold.
dress - Eileen Fisher; print tee - Uniqlo; navy striped tee - L.L.Bean; knit pants - Lands' End; sandals - Clarks; Warhol tee - Uniqlo; sleep shorts - Uniqlo

Yes, her pajamas could easily be worn in public! She's always really careful about that when she travels with her classes, and old habits can be worth keeping... If the weather were to warm up a ton, or if she wanted to work out, she would be prepared!

Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe in navy and teal with gold

She has some nice outfit options in a range of levels of dressiness:

2 outfits from a springtime Tote Bag Travel wardrobe in navy and teal

2 outfits from a springtime Tote Bag Travel wardrobe in navy and teal

She tells everyone that this is a break from school, and from her students... but she knows full well that in the back of her mind, she's always scouting out ideas for upcoming school trips...

Shallow Deep by Wassily Kandinsky - Revisiting for Spring 2018
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  1. Funny, I ordered that green cardigan and scarf from Eileen Fisher with the intention of using it with navy pants to build a travel wardrobe for some upcoming trips. However, the cardigan is very strangely constructed and bulky through the shoulders. I didn't like it on it so it went back. I'm still working on my travel wardrobe... Love this color combination.

  2. Janice,
    Your opening sentence describes me to a T ! While I loved the original post with the colorful toppers and neural bottoms and tops, this post works too !

  3. Just came back from 8 days in cold and drizzly Europe and had all I needed (plus a shirt or two extra) in a carryon bag and one travel satchel. Many thanks for your excellent suggestions for streamlining a wardrobe, simplifying and clarifying one's style and packing for easier travel. I appreciate your work.