Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shopping for Paris! Thanks to Talbots...

Yep - a sponsored post! It's always a fun occasion to sit down and browse through the Talbot's site, mentally trying on different pieces and pondering how I'd wear them, and how they might work with my existing wardrobe...

And since I think I'm FINALLY going to make it to Paris in May, I thought that choosing some things with that trip in mind might be a way to add to the anticipation that's already almost out of control. (for those of you who haven't heard, I had to cancel a trip to Paris in December because of a fibromyalgia "interlude," and then ANOTHER attempt to go in February was rendered completely impossible by the worst flu I've ever had...)

Talbot's asked that I specifically look at their RSVP selections - garments for special occasions - so it all kind of fell into place really easily!

So what's my thought process, when I'm refreshing my spring wardrobe with pretty things to take to Paris?

First up, I always think of my "signature" color palette - black and white. I'm pretty happy to mix patterns with reckless abandon, so the prospect of (for example) a striped top and plaid pants doesn't really frighten me.... And I always love a pretty flower or 12!

4 black and white garments from Talbots
dress - Talbots; pants - Talbots; striped top - Talbots; flowered sweater - Talbots

(If you like gingham, Talbots has a TON of it right now...)

After I'd looked at all of the black and white things, I thought that maybe I should be mature and restrained and get a few pieces in black - it always travels well, and a jacket might be a smart thing for a trip in May. These all caught my eye...

4 black garments from Talbots
dress - Talbots; scalloped jacket - Talbots; denim jacket - Talbots; lace-trimmed top - Talbots

The prospect of a black denim jacket holds some real appeal... and I love the looks of that dress. It's ponte knit, which travel well and doesn't cling. (and the dress comes in magenta and blue... hmmm...)

So THAT got me thinking that maybe I should break out of my normal black and white and pull together a "French 5-Piece Wardrobe" in a bright and cheery spring accent color. Pink with black is always a winner, and these 2 lace pieces together would make a great dress:

French 5-Piece Wardrobe in Magenta, from Talbots
sweater - Talbots; lace top - Talbots; scarf - Talbots; sandals - Talbots; skirt - Talbots

A handy tip I've discovered: when you see something that you like on a website, make a note of what they call the color, and then search for that color in the search bar that's almost always at the top of every website page. You can easily find things that will match or coordinate with your object of affection...

Last spring, I made a modest but very effective investment in some pieces in periwinkle blue (you can see some of them here) - maybe that's the direction I should go again this year? I took a look, and found some seriously nice items...

French 5-Piece Wardrobe in Periwinkle Blue
cardigan - Talbots; shell - Talbots; print tunic - Talbots; short-sleeved shirt - Talbots; sandals - Talbots

I'm often pretty shy about wearing a brightly-colored shoe, but I think with sandals it's much easier...

I have to admit - I don't really need clothes, so I also spent quite a bit of time looking through accessories. They're small, they're easy to store, they don't wear out or get dated as easily, and they terribly fun...

an assortment of spring accessories from Talbots
cabled earrings - Talbots; hammered hoop earrings - Talbots; silver & gold toned earrings - Talbots; dotted scarf - Talbots; silver & gold toned necklace - Talbots; dotted socks - Talbots; evening bag - Talbots

But after much dithering, I settled on these pieces. Two pieces are dotted, which is one of my favorite patterns. (I'll wear pretty much any pattern that you can find in menswear...) And the floral-trimmed sweater is MUCH nicer than I expected - the trim is pretty, but subtle. With silk pants, or velvet, depending on the time of year, it will be a great "dress-up" piece for me, since I don't get cold very much, or very often!

three garments in black and white from Talbots
dotted blouse - Talbots; floral-trimmed sweater - Talbots; dotted pants - Talbots

If you share my love of all things dotty, Talbots is pretty well-stocked with them...

This is what I'm thinking for Paris: the dotted top with linen capris will be great for warm days, and the dotted pants with a white sleeveless shirt (or a simple black tee, or black sweater) will also be nice for sightseeing. And my new, nifty floral-trimmed top with silk "slouch pants" will be a nicely relaxed but still "dressed up for dinner" ensemble. Toss in some pearls and a pair of ballet flats and I'll have 3 nice outfits...

3 outfits to wear in Paris in the spring, in black and white
dotted blouse - Talbots;pearl earrings - Majorica; white sleeveless shirt - Lands' Endfloral-trimmed sweater - Talbots; linen capris - J.Jill; (similar here); dotted pants - Talbots; silk slouch pants - Eileen Fisher (similar, but not quite so slouchy here); ballet flats - Arche (similar here)

I'm very pleased with what I chose, and I'm really eager to test them out in Paris. But I'm still thinking about a couple of the pieces that I passed by... isn't that the way?

Shopping for Paris! Thanks to Talbots...
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  1. I'm putting together a wardrobe for a cruise later this year, not something I've done before, and may never again, so I need clothes I can wear for evenings which won't be useless afterwards. I'm aiming for seperates which aren't individually dressy, but look it when worn together, such as the lovely pink lace top and skirt. I would love to buy such an outfit, but realistically know I wouldn't wear it enough to justify the cost. Thanks to ypur blog, I have been able to buy just a couple of things which, when worn with what I already have, will be fine (I hope!).

  2. Oh I love the basics here, Janice, but adore your profusion of pinks and blues! I happen to be falling quite heavily for that blue this spring.
    Lucky you, another trip to Paris, looking forward to the packing posts! Hugs, x.

  3. Ah, Paris in iffy with the weather. A denim jacket is a good idea, or even a light leather jacket (which has the benefit of being waterproof)....I'm seeing lots of colors in the store windows here, so you'll fit right in.

  4. I love the way you stay true to yourself, Janice. Beautiful choices -

  5. I have bought 5 new pieces for Spring & Summer - all of which mix well with things I already own and I do seem to be channeling my inner Janice! :-)
    2 t-shirts, one a black & white stripe and one black with a scattering of tiny white dots, plus a black & white gingham shirt. Then a cardigan in a periwinkle blue, and finally a dark grey tunic top that will go over black leggings for now and over white capris when it warms up. I don't wear dresses but do have a few tunics. I already own a few pieces in pink that will get integrated into my Summer wardrobe.
    I love Talbots and my new catalogue arrived yesterday so I will enjoy browsing through it later today.

  6. As a short woman who is also cusp-size, plus-size, I do adore Talbot's.... wish more companies had stylin' plus petites...

    1. Agree! I rely on Talbots for their plus / petite cardigans. (Plus-size non-petite cardigans have sleeves that are way too long for me.)

    2. I love that cusp-size description. At 5'4" with a fuller bust but narrow shoulders and shorter arms, a 0x Petite, when I can find one, is perfect.

  7. I was just perusing the Talbot's catalog/mailer yesterday. I was so disappointed that all the pants are ankle-length. I really have not got on board with that length yet. Maybe because my feet get cold and I wear socks - not so classy-looking with ankle pants!
    Love your choices - I too have a closet full of black and grey.

  8. Paris in May, I'm green with envy. You will look very chic!

    Meanwhile, I've been building my vacation wardrobe based on your strawberry and bone post - and was so happy to see the cherry tomato cardigan that matched the shell you posted, only to find out that they are only making it in plus sizes. I'm so disappointed - the v-neck, mid-arm length cardigan is so flattering and versatile and hard to find, but I don't need it in yellow or dowdy pink. Boo.

    I wonder if my alterations person can cut a 2X sweater down to a small?

    1. Is this the top? It’s in all sizes...

  9. Thanks for the dots. They are my favorite pattern, and your choices don't remind me of clowns at all!

  10. Janice! I will be there then too, will you pls contact me?

  11. A denim jacket is a good idea, or even a light leather jacket (which has the benefit of being waterproof)....I'm seeing lots of colors in the store windows here, so you'll fit right in.