Monday, March 12, 2018

Sage and Blush! A French 5-Piece Wardrobe, with Camel

I don't think I've ever pointed this out specifically - your French 5-Piece Wardrobe doesn't have to be all one color! It probably should all go together, if only to make wearing it easier, but 2 colors that are beautiful together could be a great idea...

French 5-Piece Wardrobe in sage and blush
jacket - Eileen Fisher; earrings - Argento Vivo; scarf - Ted Baker London; loafers - BP.; tote - Sam Edelman

Imagine that you've already pulled together your camel and ivory Common Wardrobe for spring...

A Common Wardrobe in camel and ivory
v-neck cardigan - Uniqlo; v-neck sweater - J.Crew; trench - Burberry; print shirt - Lands' End; short-sleeved tee - Lands' End; long-sleeved tee - Lands' End; tank sweater - Boden; wide pants - Uniqlo; narrow pants - Uniqlo; shorts - L.L.Bean

Yes, this is the same wardrobe from Monday the 5th - and the shirt is NOT (at this very moment) sold out...

 You would already have a good many ways to get dressed in the morning without really even thinking - that's handy when you're in a rush, and distracted!

12 outfits from a 10-piece Common Wardrobe in camel and ivory

When you add just the 5 new items you purchased for spring, your options expand a LOT, and you still don't have to do a lot of "matchy-matchy" work to get dressed and look nice....

8 outfits in camel and ivory with blush and sage accents

Tomorrow I'm looking back to the grey and white Common Wardrobe wardrobe for 1 last Springtime French 5-Piece Wardrobe....

Sage and Blush! A French 5-Piece Wardrobe, with Camel
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  1. Janice,
    I’m loving it, — of course ! With the exception of the trench coat, when I purchase replacement neutrals in my warm colors, I pretty much buy exactly the type of garments that you show here in the Common Wardrobe. When I buy an accent color, I do the same thing but only in the tops and toppers.

  2. Blush and sage with these neutrals are just gorgeous - this is my palette! I am enjoying these five piece posts. Very helpful.

  3. Another winner. And I appreciated your pointing out that all the 5 pieces don't have to be the same color, but that it is helpful if they coordinate.