Friday, March 30, 2018

Revisiting a Start With Art: Edith and the Kingpin by Jack Vettriano

When we left Edith, she was deeply smitten with a gentleman that she had... encountered... at the resort to which she had been sent to recuperate from a recent illness...

So when one of her friends wrote to her that the resort was looking for a new hostess for the luncheon salon, she determined that she was going to get the job!

"You're going to do what?"

"Well, it's only 5 hours of work (10 to 3) five days a week, AND I get a room at the resort for the season, and I get all of my meals provided, AND I get paid. It will be almost like being a guest there, except that I'll get to meet everyone, and I'll get paid to get a bit of exercise..."

Her parents are not convinced, but they recognize that expression on her face!

The job description says to be prepared to spend the night and tour the resort the 2nd day - the better to answer guest questions, she assumes. Since her family lives so near, she drives herself there - she's already feeling more independent!

She just can't get this image out of her mind:

Edith and the Kingpin by Jack Vettriano

She feels quite clever to be wearing brown leather accessories... She suspects that her mystery man would approve of this slight bit of daring!

job interview outfit in navy with brown accessories
cardigan - Lands' End; smoky topaz earrings - Ri Noor; scarf - Tory Burch; bag - N'Damus London; dress - Lands' End; watch - Breda; pumps - Brooks Brothers

After her interview, she's going to go for a long walk along the beach! And for the tour, she's going to wear PANTS. It feels a bit risky, but she well knows that there are areas of the resort where a dress or skirt would NOT be suitable...

Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe in navy with orange and bright blue accents
pajamas - Uniqlo; linen top - Eileen Fisher; polo shirt - Lands' End; bracelet - Tory Burch; bag - Furla; earrings - Michelle Fantaci; cardigan - Lands' End; scarf - Caslon; pants - Eileen Fisher; canvas shoes - Keds; shorts - Lands' End; espadrilles - Patricia Green

She's feeling very confident...

Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe in navy with orange and bright blue accents

She has her outfits carefully planned, but she knows that if she gets to stay for another day, she'll still be able to dress with ease.

2 outfits from a Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe

She wants to always look nice, just in case she runs into him...


p.s. should I visit this again, assuming (of course) that she gets the job?
Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Edith and the Kingpin by Jack Vettriano
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  1. What a lovely story. Please revisit this again. Have you thought about publishing a collection of your fashion vignettes.

  2. Yes please, can't wait to hear what happens. Perhaps one episode per week, or month? It could run on for a while! Linda M

  3. PS - Oh, I like that red bag!

  4. Please do return to Edith and her mystery man. I agree that it would be a great series, especially as warmer weather comes in.

  5. Janice,
    What a cliffhanger ! I want to know more, more, more! And see how she expands her wardrobe if ——-( wink, wink ) she gets the job !

  6. I'm intrigued with the blue interview dress and the brown accessories. I can see that it works well with that perfect scarf, but what about the days she didn't want to wear the scarf- would it still look as finished or would it need other blue- brown mix accessories to pull it together?

  7. The original is one of my favorites. Please revisit again.

  8. Hope she gets the job, but not the earrings. Smokey topaz is a misnomer, there is no such stone; it is smokey quartz. They are pretty, but pricey for what they are.

  9. Yes, please - hope she gets the job and hope you continue her storyline!

  10. Count me in! Love this story and the wardrobe. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Please, go on with her story ... and, of course, with her wardrobe! In spring and summer I prefer blue, orange and tan as my favorite clothing colors, so it would be great to read more about the development of her wardrobe an of her mystery romantic story :-).

  12. Like how the wardrobe is developing. Can’t wait to find out what happened to the kingpin: the police were closing in, so if Edith runs into him again he’s clearly not doing a nickel upstate. (Or dime. Or fifteen years, which I thought was the usual for racketeering. Unless he escaped prison...) So did he jump bail? Could the DA not make the case? Did he turn state’s evidence and is now on the run from murderous cronies? So. Many. Possibilities. And Edith has great shoes.

  13. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but, "Edith and the Kingpin" is a fabulous song by Joni Mitchell. It's on her "Hissing of Summer Lawns" album (my favorite) and is a very moody piece about a woman involved with a small time gangster. I enjoy your blog BTW.

  14. This is a fun palette. I'd love to see her in some feminine but beautifully tailored pieces of clothing (similar in feel to that pretty bag), inspired by her print dress. She doesn't look like an all-polo shirt type of gal! - nancyo