Friday, March 09, 2018

Lovet Green! A Great French 5-Piece Wardrobe, with navy and white

I haven't a clue what a lovet is... any ideas? But when I saw this color I knew that we had to look at it a bit - it really calls out to me...

French 5-Piece Wardrobe in Lovet Green
cardigan - Lands' End; sweater - Lands' End; earrings - Christina Greene; scarf - Caslon; handbag - Eduards Accessories Sweden

So if you're starting out with this lovely, and very versatile, classic wardrobe for spring... (which we saw last Friday...)

A Common Wardrobe in navy and white for spring
cardigan - Eileen Fisher; wrap sweater - Eileen Fisher; jacket - Eileen Fisher; long-sleeved tee - Eileen Fisher; silk tank - Eileen Fisher; striped top - Eileen Fisher; mock collar wedge top - Eileen Fisher; skirt - Lands' End; white denim pants - Eileen Fisher; wide-legged pants - Eileen Fisher

Without adding any accents at all, you're already pretty well-equipped for most of the occasions that you might encounter during the spring (or on a lovely spring break vacation!).

12 outfits from a 10-piece Common Wardrobe in navy and white for spring

But adding on the green accents gives you some lovely possibilities.... And this is the kind of accent color that would be equally beautiful and useful in the autumn - always a benefit!

8 outfits in navy and white accented with lovet green

This is another wee collection that would make a great travel capsule wardrobe - someplace where you might see warm days and cool mixed together...

Lovet Green! A Great French 5-Piece Wardrobe, with navy and white
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  1. Here in England we spell this colour Lovat, which gets its name from a Scottish tweed colour. Nice wardrobe too!

  2. I’m not usually a fan of green because many do not work with my slightly soft, neutral, cool leaning coloring, This, however, looks beautiful, and I would be tempted depending how close thie color is to a slightly greyed green. Grey olive green is dominant in my eye color. Green is a great accent to navy.

  3. So lovely!
    It is warming up, I can hear the sound of snow melting, it is the time to put away black clothes (that I never wore! - olive prevailed) and switch to navy. I like this reminder how great color is navy! I never had anything navy b.TVF and over the time purchased everything. Awesome with greens and this one is really special.
    Sania from Zagreb

  4. Gorgeous colors! I always love green, and tried to make it a core color with navy for a 4x4 wardrobe but there is so much discrepancy between greens, I don't think it will work. But this idea will be better, thank you!

  5. Janice,
    I agree with ACraftyScrivener on the diversity of greens on the market, but even as a “ warmie”, I could see myself wearing this green, just not with navy, which is too dark for me. I would wear it with a warm taupe or stone neutral.

  6. Spelled Lovat not lovet. The name of the colour comes from the uniform of the Lovat Scouts . You would be hard to find on a Scottish hillside wearing this colour!

  7. Love this color! and the pink too...divine.

  8. This is so pretty! I find it interesting: when I look at this assortment of clothing, I am drawn to combine one white, one navy, and one green garment, tied together with the scarf (or not!) But not one outfit shown contains more than two garment colors. Different strokes! - nancyo

  9. It is indeed a long time since I heard a green described as 'Lovat' but back in my youth it was pretty common. Thanks for the posts telling us its origins, although I am British I didn't know.

    These clothes are simply gorgeous. I had a cotton 'twinset' from 'Lands End' in much the same green...but passed it on in one of my 'clearing my clutter' days - why, I ask myself!!

  10. Lovat- very pretty and neither as high-contrast nor ubiquitous as kelly or emerald with navy.