Monday, February 19, 2018

The Most Popular Post on The Vivienne Files (so far!)

I am surprised that this was this most visited post - I suspect that Google's statistics aren't always reflective of the real world!

But this is still a really interesting post, based on information from an old (and very popular) fashion book called Hot Tips...

cotton shirts - Uniqlo

I was heartened to see that all of the outfits I suggested would still be perfectly appropriate and undated... that's my goal!

For what it's worth, I am just now starting to mend from the flu, so I can't guarantee that there will be posts every day on The Vivienne Files. I'll do my best, but I can assure you that flu + fibromyalgia = a long recovery...


The Most Popular Post on The Vivienne Files (so far!)
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  1. Janice,
    Take your time healing — we shall still be here when you are well again ! The flu effects can linger for weeks, so use your energies to get well ! Big healing hugs !

  2. Love those cotton shirts, just got them in every color available, thx!

  3. Feel better, Janice! We'll miss you, but we'll be right here when you get back!

  4. I'm actually enjoying looking back on these posts so don't rush to get back until you feel better. I really sympathize as I too have fibromyalgia and I've been knocked off my feet with this terrible cold/flu since February 1st! I cannot believe how long it is taking to get back on my feet - felt as though I'd been hit by a truck! Just take care and make sure you are completely recovered before trying to get back up to speed!

  5. The flu this year is evil—I had three weeks of vertigo after mine, and it wasn’t even the A strain—so don’t rush to get back in the swing of things too quick.

  6. Your health comes first! We understand your situation and want you to do what you need and take the time you need. I've had the flu for a couple of weeks and it's a tough one. We can take this time to revisit our personal favorite past posts . . . There are so many! Then we will celebrate when you are able to post again even if it is only once a week at first. Love you and love what you do!

  7. I am with all the other commenters. You have given us a literal treasure trove and I will thoroughly enjoy my morning fill of each one. Release into your recovery.

  8. I add my best wishes for your complete recovery. Don't post if you'd be better off resting. Second the first comment - we'll be here when you get back.

  9. Dear Janice,

    Hope you feel better soon. We have lots of old posts to inspire us until your return. Healing hugs.

  10. Hoping to hear you're feeling better soon! I also had the flu..despite best efforts to get the flu shot early on in the fall. I couldn't believe I actually caught it just after the Christmas holidays :( So sorry it has knocked you down, but we really appreciate you thinking of us while you recuperate! As always, I love to see your post in my inbox each day!! Thank you!

  11. I enjoy revisiting the older posts; most of them I haven't seen and I have followed you for several years. This was a good idea.

    Perhaps you could post an older post but without updating the sources. The information is interesting and we can shop our own closets to implement ideas we find might apply. That way you would post but it would not be so demanding on your time and health.

    We will be loyal supporters however you choose to handle things. You are a person not a machine, and are not required to work when you are ill.

  12. I agree, I love seing old posts handpicked by you, it is different than when I randomly read the archive. I also love reading the archive from the same time previous years.
    Not to mention re-reading and doing along the whole series from one of several capsule building systems, since new season is around the corner. That is special treat 4 times a year. Yummy!
    So a real treasure trove for us to read and admire, and click on the right side.
    xoxo hugs
    Sania from Zagreb

  13. Hi Janice,
    I was dismayed to learn about your recent health challenges (this is what I call them when they hit me), and so admire your strength in continuing to give us The Vivienne Files. I would totally understand if you took even a few months off, although I would obviously miss you terribly.)
    Love the Blooming Dahlia wardrobe, by the way, and wondered if you knew what we call sneakers here in South Africa. Tekkies! (Pronounced "tackies", nothing tacky about the fabulous picks you aways make though.)
    Please take it easy, be good to yourself, and take time to recover.
    Best wishes,