Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My 4th Most Popular Post - How to Wear a Petrol (or Slate) Blue Cardigan

Not too long after I started The Vivienne Files, I received a lot of emails from people who owned specific garments that they struggled to integrate into their wardrobe. Thus, I wrote a lengthy series of posts about "How to Wear....". This one was the most popular, which is interesting, albeit inexplicable to me!

And yes, the original cardigan wasn't really either slate nor petrol; finding beautiful, subtle colors is difficult, and becoming harder all the time! If you really want to own a garment in a richly well-dyed color, you will have to search, and probably pay more than the price of a take-out lunch...

The advice in this post about how to look at your "orphan" garment and find it a home is still true, I'm happy to note!

How to wear a petrol blue or slate blue cardigan
cardigan – Gibson

It always makes me happy to look back at old posts on The Vivienne Files and see that the information is still useful...


My 4th Most Popular Post - How to Wear a Petrol (or Slate) Blue Cardigan
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  1. That is a very pretty color and capsule. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be able to wear it. Perhaps that is why it was the most popular?

  2. I adore petrol blue, but it seems impossible to find. *sigh*

  3. Such a pretty and wearable capsule. Hope you're on the mend, Janice, hugs to you xx.