Monday, February 26, 2018

Daffodils - the Birth Flower for March! How perfect...

After watching the Six Nations rugby yesterday, and seeing daffodil hats, and lots of daffodils pinned to coats, it seemed only perfect that today we look at them as the March birth flower...

(Daffodil Days are a Cancer Society fund-raiser...)

For many of us, yellow feels like an inherently difficult color, but never discount the impact (and the fun!) that you could have with a yellow pedicure, or yellow sandals... but you can always wear the image of the daffodil in silver - no worries about unflattering yellow!

And I'm convinced that the flower in the middle of that very bright scarf is a narcissus...

Disclaimer - Yes, I'm using the same pants and shoes for most of these outfits. This is NOT because I'm bone-deep lazy (although post-flu, that could be worth considering!), but to show the versatility of these neutral pieces as a foil for a variety of accent colors. I'm a firm believer that investing in a core of neutral pieces pays off in ways which will surprise you!


accessories in the mood of daffodils
yellow earrings - Lele Sadoughi; silver ring - Nyoman Rena; silver earrings - Priyo Salim; pendant (earrings and bracelet also available) - Shari Dixon; smocked top - Lands' End; square scarf - KathKath; colorblocked scarf - Eileen Fisher; nail polish - Christian Louboutin; sandals - Franco Sarto

When you wear yellow and black together, you might think bumblebees, or the Pittsburgh Pirates/Steelers/Penguins, but I don't think that either of those is a good reason to avoid wearing them together! The additional colors in the scarf help diffuse that sort of feeling, I think.

wearing daffodil yellow with black
sweater - Lands' End; scarf - Ted Baker London; socks - Marni; loafers - J.Crew; pants - L.L.Bean; watch - Coach; bag - Mansur Gavriel

I love yellow and navy, but I had to introduce a little bit of pink to keep it from looking TOO much like my high-school colors! The pink would make this sweater more flattering for many of us, too.

wearing daffodil yellow with navy
sweater - Lands' End; earrings - Betsey Johnson; scarf - Halogen; bracelet - Banana Republic; loafers - Naturalizer; pants - L.L.Bean; bag - Frances Valentine

When brown feels too... dark? yellow is a perfect antidote...

wearing daffodil yellow with brown
sweater - Lands' End; scarf - Marzoline Milano; ring - Khiry; socks - Socksmith; loafers - Born; pants - Lands' End; bag - Boden

If you love yellow but hesitate to wear it, how about a yellow bag? There are some great ones around, and it wouldn't at all be a question of flattering your face. Maybe it won't go with anything - so what? If you love it, do it....

wearing daffodil yellow with grey
sweater - Lands' End; earrings - Desi Antari; scarf - ImageDiary; yellow onyx ring - Mahavir; loafers - Tod's; pants - Banana Republic; bag - Paco Rabannne

This is an outfit for a day that feels like warm spring in your heart, but slightly cool spring on the thermometer.

wearing daffodil yellow with white
sunglasses - Illesteva; sweater - Lands' End; bee earrings - Priscilla Canales; scarf - Mosaique; bag - Tod's; flats - Born; denim pants - Eileen Fisher

Yellow is great to brighten up the deep richness of moss green...

wearing daffodil yellow with moss green
sweater - Lands' End; ponytail holder - L.Erickson; earrings - Oscar de la Renta; scarf - Oasis; bag - Azalea; boots - L'Artiste; corduroy pants - L.L.Bean

I don't know if I'm convinced that I want to start wearing yellow, but I can certainly admit that I madly enjoyed finding all of these pieces - that must mean something!

Daffodils - the Birth Flower for March! How perfect...
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  1. Hope you're feeling better, Janice, and if your convalescing after a bad flu is one health day and justified core item repetition, then you are a tougher cookie than me!
    We watched the rugby too and my house is oozing daffs at the moment, bringing spring to a home that's dragging its winter legs.
    I've surprised myself by absolutely loving yellow again in recent years, though haven't mustered the bravery to wear it this time of year. But seeing your "serving suggestions", maybe I should.
    Hugs, x.

  2. Yellow can be a tricky colour - the exact shade really makes a difference from person to person. I love wearing it with navy and with soft grey - black and yellow is a bit too "bumble bee effect" for me. I have also started wearing it in accessories, earrings & bracelets and I would love a yellow purse. This is definitely putting me in the mood for Spring!

  3. Oh, this is so cheery! I think yellow gets a bad rap. While I cringe at the sight of gold (the color, not the metal) a baby yellow brings out golden highlights in my hair. There must be a a yellow for everyone. Nice selections Janice - the bags, the scarves, those buttery loafers! Can anyone not smile at daffodils?

  4. I agree with Margie above. Yellow can be flattering depending on the shade. i have a lovely light yellow v-neck sweater that I don't wear much, but I can see many ways to wear it now! Its especially pretty with almost any shade of blue. I wore it more after reading your posts on wearing a v-neck sweater. I'll review those posts again and wear it more often. Its such a cheerful color and I'm now planning to include it in my planning for our trip to Florida in early April when it will be needed for freezing restaurants there! Thank you, Janice, for all this inspiration and I trust you are feeling better. Janice Collins, Washington, DC

  5. I think every woman can rock yellow! It comes in every shade, from deep warm tones to pale cool tones. I did have to try on many different things to find the right yellow for me, but once I did I love it for anytime I want to brighten up my look and my attitude.

    Nothing is more useful and cheerful (in most climates) than a great yellow raincoat, and it will last you for life.

    Also, want to give a shout for the charming ponytail bow - I often put scarves around my ponytail and tie a sweater around my waist when I want to look fresh or bohemian, especially for festivals, concerts, open houses, picnics, or other outdoor events. For sports events I usually tie the sweater around my shoulders, old-school style. It's a great way to add depth and colour to an otherwise simple outfit. If it gets very hot out, I tie them around the strap of my shoulder bag. Works with pants, skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses, ANYTHING. When it cools down in the evening, I slip on the sweater and wrap the scarf around my neck. Voila!

    Feel better, Janice.

  6. This is such a pretty collection Janice! As I came to each outfit, I'd think, "Oh this is the best!" And then the next one . . . and the next. You are right to counsel care in adding to our wardrobes just because of the change of season, but I'd really like just about any/all of those scarves.