Thursday, February 01, 2018

Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 12 Months, 12 Outfits - February 2018

I'm still not sure why I always add a dress in February - a long-standing affection for Valentine's Day? Or just a desire to make sure that I'm well prepared for dressy spring events?

It's not quite expected to accessorize a classic black dress with bright spring green...

a black dress with green accessories

Scarf– Hermès Fouets et Badines; necklace – Meira T green scarf – K16? Who Are You?; dress – Uniqlo; clutch – Cashhimi; pumps – Calvin Klein

I didn't find a beige dress that appealed, so I thought that this delicious cocoa brown would be perfect with this scarf, or with a grouping of blush pink accessories.

a brown dress with blush accessories

scarf- Hermès TheHorsawards; moonstone pendant - Adornia; fringed scarf – Nordstrom; dress – Eileen Fisher; clutch bag – Salvatore Ferragamo; ballet flats – Michael Kors

The red is probably the most expected accent color with a navy dress, so I ignored that and chose teal instead!

a navy dress with teal accessories

scarf - Hermès Les Tresors d’un Artiste; necklace – Ela Rae; teal scarf – Nordstrom; dress – Banana Republic; clutch – Nina; pumps – Manolo Blahnik

This green isn't as yellow-ish as the greens used last month, but since it's a dress, it doesn't have to be "dye-lot matched" to the other neutral in this wardrobe... And it's such an easy dress to wear...

a green dress with beige and gold accessories

scarf – Hermès Merveilleuses Lanternes; earrings – Kendra Scott; beige scarf – Nordstrom; dress - Paisie; clutch – Prada; mules – Christian Louboutin

Grey and blue... so easy and classic.

a grey dress with light blue and grey accessories

scarf – Hermès Jardin a Sintra; earrings – Wirabhuwana; blue scarf– Nordstrom; dress – Uniqlo; bag – Jimmy Choo; pumps – Calvin Klein

I didn't see brown dresses that thrilled me, so I went with an accent-colored dress and neutral accessories. These brown pieces will come in handy in this wardrobe in the future, I suspect.

a green dress with brown accessories

scarf – Hermès Ndop; earrings – Khiry; brown scarf –Christian Wijnants; dress – Lands’ End; clutch – Samuel Costa; pumps - J.Reneé

After only 2 months, these are tiny capsule wardrobes, but they already offer a few options...

a 4-piece capsule wardrobe based on black

a 4-piece capsule wardrobe based on beige and brown

a 4-piece capsule wardrobe based on navy

a 4-piece capsule wardrobe based on olive green

a 4-piece capsule wardrobe based on grey

a 4-piece capsule wardrobe based on brown and green

You might have noticed that some of the scarves already appear to be sold out. If I can find them available anywhere, I will update the links. If you've got a real fondness for any particular scarf, it's well worth your while to phone your nearest Hermes shop and ask them for help in finding your choice. They have access to merchandise all around the world...

So which color scheme is your favorite, at this point? I surprise myself but I'm thinking the one that's primarily navy... Such a fun exercise for me, each month!


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Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 12 Months, 12 Outfits - February 2018
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  1. I like the brown. Lovely subtle colours. I don't wear dresses, so I have added a sweatshirt and shorts. My tiny capsule is looking good! Linda M

  2. Hard to pick a favorite. Black/kelly green and navy/red/teal made me swoon!

  3. I see that in some scenarios you have added a necklace with the scarf instead of earrings. I've never worn a necklace at the same time as a scarf and almost always wear stud earrings rather than dangles. My feeling is that the scarf is the main accessory so I try to keep the focus there. Has anyone else worn a necklace and scarf together? Is there a secret to making the combination work well?

  4. I am absoluteluy smitten with the last selection in deep greens and browns. Even the dress is a style that works best for me - a sheath dress with sleeves that is not too short! I rarely wear dresses, but that one is tempting me. I do love the unique color combinations you are using this year.

  5. Really love the blue. Red is not a major player in my wardrobe, but I could enbrace it as an accent piece.

  6. Grey and Navy is always an easy choice for me - but, surprisingly I'm also loving the brown/beige/pink mix!

  7. I'm usually drawn to navy and grey, but I'm preferring the high contrast of the black palette so far. Sharon, U.K.

  8. I like the brown capsule a lot. I am "doing" the grey capsule. I bought the Uniqlo cardigan online. Took forever to come and the fit isn't perfect. This months pieces are so pretty and affordable to boot! No more shopping online though.

  9. I love the gray and pale blue! My core is black, so many things would work also with that core color. The scarf is lovely and everything is so well matched. It just resonates with me. Every time you do a grouping in these colors I save it, so there definitely a long term appeal for me.

  10. I want ALL the scarves, lol! The green dress appeals to me the most. Can't wait to see how you accessorize it further.

  11. Hi Janice,
    Love your work, and have been following you for a while. Finally took the plunge and bought an Hermès scarf (actually the Fouets et Badines shown above). And you were so right about how to choose one: it's like a relationship, you just know when it's right. It also helped to gather the fabric into a bubble to see how the colors all play together. I have a question about traveling with an Hermès scarf. How do you pack it and protect it. I've seen recommendations to put it in a ziplock bag, but I'm concerned about the plastic effecting the silk. Also, when I have more than one, how do you recommend storing the scarves? I know keeping them in the box is best. Do you label your boxes for easy access and for quickly identifying them? Thanks for your beautiful work.

    1. Check out Mai Tai’s travel pochettes specifically designed for Hermes scarves and shawls. They’re not inexpensive but they’re gorgeous. I covet one for myself!

    2. Whoops, forgot the link:

    3. Very nice website, thank you.

  12. The pink with the brown in unexpectedly lovely.

  13. The navy is the most appealing to me, and would be the most flattering, and the one that I could approximate with my current wardrobe. I also love how the gray and light blue is coming along! - nancyo

  14. Navy - my neutral, with red/teal combo, and of course the green!

  15. Red and navy would fit best into my closet, but I'm already finding myself attracted to the Jardin a Sintra gray and blue. That's going to be very elegant, I think. So pretty.

  16. theviviennefiles