Friday, January 26, 2018

What Accessories do I Want for a Trip to Bermuda?

Not just a trip to Bermuda, but a trip in March, when the weather is still cool, and the crowds aren't pressing...

We're working with this color palette:

Color palette of navy and beige with accents of blue, thistle pink and muted teal

And these are the accessories that our heroine has already chosen to pack for her romantic get-away...

Starting accessories for a 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe
Heart earrings – David Yurman; round earrings – Sarah & Sebastian; watch – Fossil; pink scarf – Ted Baker London; floral scarf– Vince Camuto; tote – Longchamp; clutch – Nina; loafers – Taryn Rose; pumps - Aquatalia

And this is her wardrobe that she's planning to have with her - 3 pieces to wear and a lucky 13 to pack:

a 4 by 4 Wardrobe for a March trip to Bermuda
navy cardigan - L.L.Bean; heart print blouse – Rails; skirt – Banana Republic; navy pants – L.L.Bean; sweater – Dreamers by Debut; beige cardigan – Madewell; cropped pants – L.L.Bean; jeans – Lafayette 148 New York; teal tee shirt – Banana Republic; lavender sweater – Banana Republic; blue sweater – Banana Republic; teal sweater – Banana Republic; smocked top – Lands’ End; striped funnel-neck top – L.L.Bean; blue striped shirt – L.L.Bean; navy dress – Lands’ End

Here's the accessories that she has included with her two core outfits... With the exception of shoes, she could of course travel with just these pieces and manage just fine. But in the interests of fun, let's expand her options...

Please note that I'm not suggesting that this is going to be all of the accessories that one owns - unless you really wanted a structured, disciplined Accessory Wardrobe. It's more of a guideline for what you might want to pack, and for what you might look for if you want to add something to your wardrobe...

Step 1 of a 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe

First - earrings and bracelets. I debated back and forth with myself about the heart motif bracelets and earrings. But I decided to go with a bit of whimsy, and a touch of romance. After all - Valentine's Day is coming soon! And one would not have to have ALL of these in order to carry the romance and the sentiment into one's luggage...

adding bracelets and earrings to a 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe
hooked heart bracelet – SeeMe; pearl bracelet - Lord & Taylor; script heart bracelet – Shaun Leane; flower earrings – Monet; pearl earrings – Gigi & Joux

The first bracelet is made by women in Tunisia who are survivors of violence; SeeMe is a company dedicated to making heart jewelry to both provide employment to these women and to replace violence with love...

Those lovely lapels on the navy cardigan will be perfect for a pretty brooch! And while there's only 1 heart necklace, that last necklace is indeed described as having a "love knots"...

adding a brooch and necklaces to a 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe
brooch – Monet; heart necklace – Poppy Finch; blue necklace – Anna Beck; love knots necklace – Banana Republic

These additions don't take up much space at all, but can at least give our heroine the feeling of some changes to her outfits...

Step 2 of a 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe

Always my favorites - pretty scarves!

adding 2 scarves to a 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe
navy floral scarf – Salvatore Ferragamo; teal floral scarf – Nordstrom

Scarves are quite a bit like fabric jewelry - they don't take up much space, but the can change the look of classic clothing a LOT!

Step 3 of a 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe

My thinking for the next step:

  • a simple bag that isn't an evening clutch;
  • light-colored loafers for days when it's warm-ish, and you want an overall lighter look;
  • waterproof boots, for the opposite days, when you want to be out but the weather is WET; and
  • navy flats that are dressy but comfortable - they go with everything...

adding shoes and a handbag to a 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe
crossbody bag – Longchamp; beige loafers – Taryn Rose; waterproof navy boots – Lemon Jelly; ballet flats - Softwalk

Yes, shoes really add bulk to a travel wardrobe, but I don't think our heroine was ever thinking that carry-on was an option! When you're going somewhere for a while, there's a choice to be made between easy luggage, and options when at your destination. In this particular case, our heroine has chosen options!

a completely 6 by 4 Accessory Wardrobe for Travel

These are indeed the same outfits that we just saw yesterday, but the addition of accessories makes them feel much more "finished." Each top is show with a dressy and a casual choice...

2 ways to wear a dressy blouse from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

2 ways to wear a beige sweater from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

2 ways to wear a muted teal tee from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

2 ways to wear a thistle pink sweater from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

2 ways to wear a cornflower blue sweater from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

2 ways to wear a muted teal sweater from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

2 ways to wear a teal top from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

2 ways to wear a striped sweatshirt from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

2 ways to wear a striped linen shirt from a 4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe

I'm getting in that vacation packing mood... And it's a good thing, because I've got a trip coming up soon!


What Accessories do I Want for a Trip to Bermuda?
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  1. Oh I adore this travel pack, Janice. The combinations are endless and each give your heroine simple elegance each day, perfect for her destination. The jumpers come in a huge colour range too and, as you say, the neckline gives them versatility. To support the Tunisian ladies would be a good act to make today. Great job! Hugs, x.

  2. I like the lightness of the necklaces you chose. I am getting tired of chunky everything. My challenge is always to find the right length for the neckline. That's one advantage of scarves--they always work.
    BTW, with the incessantly rainy weather in France this winter, I am posting today about how to deal with wet weather when traveling--some things to pack and some things to do.

    1. I can't do chunky necklaces very well - it makes it feel like... the balcony is overcrowded! I'm just too short-waisted for them. A variety of styles should always be available, with no trend crowding out the classics.

  3. Straight skirts are one of the styles that are most flattering for my figure. However, I tend to think of it as a more formal work wear style. I'm just curious to know how many of you would wear a straight skirt like this on your holidays? Maybe I need to re-think this attitude........

    1. I wouldn’t hesitate if I was going on a city break, especially to Europe and Asia where people dress more formally and conservatively in general. I wouldn’t take it on a beach holiday or anywhere in the USA, but if the cut is particularly flattering I’d find versions in lighter, less structured fabrics like stretch jersey, cotton, or linen and pack those happily.

    2. I thought the exact same thing Jazz and would never wear a formal structured skirt on holiday. Having said that, if the colour and shape really suited my figure I would change the fabrication to something lighter and more fluid (e.g. a silk blend) and perhaps add some ruching or other textural detail. In preference, I would opt for a plain dressy top and a bold floral/oriental patterned skirt. Sharon, U.K.

    3. Ideally this skirt would be an easy pull-on silk... And if I could have found such a thing, I would have shown it! Sometimes I have to settle, and it drives me crazy!

    4. I, too, am doubtful about the navy pencil skirt and pumps--which say business lunch to me instead of Bermuda. I don't think, no matter the weather, I've ever taken a pair of pumps on a beach vacation!

  4. One of my favorite vacation activities is to purchase accessories! Usually you can find items that you don't see at home and afterward, they serve as a lovely memory. So, I would go to my destination with some of the squares on this template empty! It would serve as a guide for my vacation accessory shopping!

  5. Thanks again, Janice!
    I adore this approach of simple outfits graced with delicate accessories. (And gorgeous scarves!)
    The 6x4 grid is as helpful for analysis as the 4x4 wardrobe; I've never been of an analytical mind and I'm eternally grateful to be able to coast on/learn from your skills. (Which is to say, sometimes I just do what you show! But sometimes I try to work through the exercises myself.) (The Starting from Scratch posts are very good for that, too.)
    Enough parentheses, on with the day. Thanks again!

  6. I LOVE the inclusion of the bracelet and information about the women of Tunisia. Thank for reminding me to be on the look out of how I can support others whose lives are not advanced cushy as my own.
    On another note, I think she CAN pack all that into a carry on suitcase. So much less hassle! Beautiful outfits. I like seeing the dressy and casual options.

    1. Not “advanced.” What a strange autocorrect! I was saying “not as cushy”.

  7. That Nordstrom floral scarf is gorgeous, but why do they make them so big?! It's borderline too big on the model and you know she is a beautiful, tall, thin thing. I always feel invisible under all that fabric.

  8. I always think navy and pink go together in a lovely way and are very wearable colors for me. I have a little double heart necklace from my sweetheart that I wear all the time. He has planned a trip for us to Paris during March, and I am thrilled, as neither of us has ever visited Europe! I would love to see what you would put together for a romantic travel capsule wardrobe for Paris in early spring!

  9. I'm on the lookout for a good boot for this crazy Indiana winter weather. Has anyone tried those boots she showed? Or have a favorite all-weather boot that works well in the snow?

    1. Look at Bogs. I have an older pair (called Valerie) that is still going strong after years of constant wear. They are comfortable, warm in the cold weather, waterproof, and stylish. I wore them almost daily on a trip to Ireland last May and couldn't have been happier traipsing over grassy fields or walking the rainy streets of Dublin. They are my go to winter boots that carry over into wet spring weather.

    2. Bogs - definitely! I have a pair that I can wear in the wettest, coldest winter weather and stay warm and dry. takes you to a bunch of possibilities...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.