Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Updating a Bone-Deep Glamorous Travel Wardrobe

Remember this heroine? I felt that, with Valentine's Day on the horizon, it might be fun to see what she's been doing...

travel wardrobe in black, red and green
floral cardigan – Balmain (similar here); clutch bag – Dolce & Gabbana (similar here); hoop earrings – Tiara (similar here); drop earrings - Freida Rothman; gold-fringed wrap – Saint Laurent (similar here); watch – Shinola (similar here); jeweled sweater – Alice +Olivia (similar here); bracelet – Fred Leighton (similar here); cross pendant – Anastazio; coat – Roland Mouret (similar here); tote – Alexander McQueen (similar here); green sweater - Dsquared2; red silk top – Dolce & Gabbana (similar here); black silk blouse – Dondup (similar here); pumps - Trotters; loafers – Vaneli (similar here); black skirt - Protagonist (similar here); silk pants – Alexander McQueen (similar here); green skirt - H&M

Well, she was shopping one day and saw these... She was smitten...

Swinton black floral loafers by Kate Spade New York
loafers - Kate Spade New York

She had a casual trip coming up - taking a few students to The Cloisters, outside of New York. She's been doing some work on the symbolic significant of roses in Gothic art and architecture, and they're going to go take a look at a couple of important pieces there...

So it seems only fitting that she embrace roses as a personal trend!

travel outfit in black and red with rose accents
cardigan – Halogen; necklace –Gas Bijoux; earrings – Freida Rothman; suitcase – Calpak; backpack – Saint-Laurent; watch – MIDO; top – Eileen Fisher; pants – Eileen Fisher

It's also an opportunity to add just a touch of pink to her wardrobe. She's not sure that this will be a long-term addition or just a whim, but it's very much at harmony with much of her existing wardrobe...

4 by 4 Travel Capsule Wardrobe in black, red and pink
striped pajama top – Frame; striped pajama bottoms – Frame; pearl earrings – Bloomingdale’s; pearl ring – David Yurman; floral blouse – Joie; narrow scarf – Valentino; pink socks – Versace; floral socks – Happy Socks; bag - Okhtein; pink sweater – Jardin des Orangers; floral collar sweater – Ted Baker; velvet jeans – Jen7; loafers – AGL; red floral scarf – Monsieur Maison

She feels that this is very casual - silk pajamas instead of her usual nightgown, and velvet jeans in the place of her more normal dress pants. I still maintain that this heroine has never worn denim, nor ever gone out in public without lipstick!

Travel Capsule Wardrobe of roses, in black, red and pink

They're only going to be away for 2 days, so she has plenty of clothing with her. She's hopeful that they will all go out for a nice meal... Well, nice by the standards of her students!

2 ways to wear black velvet jeans from a pretty travel capsule wardrobe

2 ways to wear black dress pants from a pretty travel capsule wardrobe

Her students love to travel with her - it opens up entire worlds of perception that they've never imagined... She has such a distinctive point of view!


Updating a Bone-Deep Glamorous Travel Wardrobe
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  1. Those shoes! (The other pair also is pretty fab.) Why not have a work of art on one's feet?

  2. I’m happy to see this one again. I must say I never imagined her as a nightgown wearer. Those pajamas seem perfect for her.

  3. I don’t particularly like florals, but that floral blouse is beautiful. Just enough on a dark background to make it interesting and dramatic without being too saccharine.

  4. I'm smitten with this whole, lush, lovely wardrobe!

  5. Is anyone else tempted to wear the pajamaa top with the velvet jeans and pink sweater? I know I am!

    1. Heck yes! And I'd wear the black top with the pajama bottoms, too...

  6. With all the flight delays and airport closings this winter, it's a good idea to pack an additional top for added wardrobe flexibility. This travel wardrobe fits the bill nicely!

  7. Beautiful! I LOVE the velvet jeans! This is my kind of gal!

  8. This is so appealing. I am imagining our heroine is tall, lean with a strong physique and dark hair. I would love to meet someone who dresses like this. Every now and then, I catch a glimpse of someone (male and female) who dress so well and it is almost shocking!

  9. I still like the "dirt lady."

  10. Yes, tall and striking, and I's sure she would wear the pyjama bottoms with the black shoes and top!

  11. Gorgeous! Really love the lush colors.
    P.S. The Cloisters are actually right here on the island of Manhattan (not "outside of New York") -- just take the "A" train all the way to 190th Street!

  12. Enchanted by this wardrobe! The shoes are luscious, and with the red sweater and the black floral blouse they are breathtaking. Love the outfit for the plane as well. Black and red will always be my favorites, but this is a fresh look at them. Roses are a fabulous theme ...reminds me of a lady on a trip with us in the past...she had black hair and was slim, wore a black sheath dress with a large,single red rose on the side of it, her shoes were black with red roses on the toe, and she ordered fresh red roses so she could wear one in her French Twist...she would have loved that red coat!

  13. Love love love this. I'm a petite figure and can't quite pull all this off, but I'm especially in love with the concept of velvet jeans and that Ted Baker sweater you put together. That whole outfit is just fabulous!

  14. Thank you for this blog post incorporating roses as a personal trend. I have been wondering whether I could incorporate my love of polka dots into my wardrobe without looking like a clown. Would you consider doing one or two more on wardrobes using specific graphic elements? Polka dots just make me happy but other folks may love stripes or animals.