Friday, January 12, 2018

Study in Verticals (The Cathedral) by Frantisek Kupka - Start with Art for a Tote Bag Business Travel Capsule

She Never Knows...

Study in Verticals (The Cathedral) by Frantisek Kupka
Study in Verticals (The Cathedral) by Frantisek Kupka

They send her out for as the mediator for meetings - sometimes between really big, powerful clients - and she never knows what the experience will be...

Study in Verticals (The Cathedral) by Frantisek Kupka with style guidelines and color palette

She tries, when she arrives, to be a forceful but feminine presence, striking a balance between pushing toward a decision and encouraging compromise. It's a narrow line to walk...

Business travel outfit in navy and red
trench – Burberry; scarf – Gucci; earrings – Robert Lee Morris; red dress – Lands’ End; watch - Shinola; briefcase – Hermes; pumps – Calvin Klein; suitcase – Briggs & Riley

So, even though she's going to be there for only 2 or 3 days, she tries to be prepared for any sort of "personality" that she needs to bring to the table...

Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe of 3 dress and 1 cardigan in navy, blue and ivory
floral earrings – Lands’ End; striped bracelet – Talbots; navy dress – Lands’ End; dotted scarf –Talbots; cardigan – Lands’ End; navy & ivory scarf – Max Mara; handbag - Delpozo; hoop earrings – Macy’s; striped dress – Banana Republic; agate necklace – Nakomol Design; geo-print scarf – Talbots; cornflower blue dress – Banana Republic; tan pumps – Jimmy Choo; striped pumps - Talbots

She tries to travel light, but offer herself a lot of options!

Tote Bag Travel capsule wardrobe of 4 dresses and a cardigan

2 ways to accessorize a red dress for business

2 ways to accessorize a navy dress for business

2 ways to accessorize a cornflower blue dress for business

2 ways to accessorize a navy and tan striped dress for business

Happily, she finds these adjustments pretty easy, because she's a woman of many facets...


Study in Verticals (The Cathedral) by Frantisek Kupka - Start with Art for a Tote Bag Business Travel Capsule
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  1. A very cohesive wardrobe with a wonderful breadth in its moods. I like the way the tan keeps turning up in so many subtle ways. I wonder if this woman is drawn towards dresses because she is quite short in her torso and uses the long lines of the dress to emphasize every centimetre that she has.

  2. All dresses! Thank you!

    Jazz, I am not sure if she did this in response to my request, but I had asked for all dresses because it is what I personally wear. I wear them because of my body shape. I am very round. I don’t mean extra weight (although I have some of that, too) I mean rounded shoulders, round bottom half... pants and separates are awkward on me. I feel better, more confident and prepared, in dresses.

    1. Good to see a capsule which takes these needs into account. I've been out shopping with my daughter who needs to compile a smart work capsule. She is short, petite, needs garments that breathe and prefers tops with sleeves.A challenging set of criteria when fashion dictates long loose fitting clothing and synthetics rule.

    2. Indeed. Fashion dictates a very narrow set of styles :(

  3. A lovely curation. Gorgeous accessories. I’m surprised there are no separates at all in it, but that’s probably a case of sour grapes—I haven’t found a dress that fits both top and bottom halves of me since I was 17.

  4. The fabulous red briefcase rules this wardrobe. If only it didn't rule at $2,500.00!

  5. How different, a wardrobe of dresses. I was immediately drawn to that briefcase too, then saw,the name and binned that dream! Happy weekend, hugs x.

  6. I wear a lot of dresses and I like this, but I'd want a blazer or another cardigan (not white, because I spill and otherwise attract stains), and a solid scarf or shawl to go with the striped dress.

  7. This is so clever! And there are many lessons even for me, who never wears dresses or skirts. How a few quality, simple pieces can be combined to create both 'quiet' and 'lively' outfits, how the use of a single bold colour makes a massive difference, but most of all how it is possible to look very professional without looking stiff or corporate. Can I make a request for an equivalent wardrobe for a trousers wearer (no blazers, same palette and overall strategy)?

  8. I prefer the simplicity of wearing dresses; the sleeve details on the two are interesting. I love the agate necklace. Thank you.

  9. The travel outfit is so smart. Thankyou for the inspiration.