Tuesday, December 05, 2017

I Want a Wardrobe That's Relaxed, but Pretty!

How about we revisit this amazingly beautiful scarf? When I did the very business/dressy wardrobe based on this scarf, I was assured that another wardrobe - more casual - would be welcome... (don't forget, until the end of 2017, you can get a 30% discount on anything on the KathKath website using the code vivkath30.)

scarf - KathKath

I'm going to follow the steps that I took when I did the dressy wardrobe - I'm even going to keep some of the garments! So first up is a starter outfit of a black "suit" with a pink top:

a basic travel outfit in black and pink
earrings – Stephen Dweck; cardigan – Nordstrom; scarf - KathKath; watch – Olivia Burton; tee - Velvet; briefcase – Tumi; jeans - Frame; boots – BP.

As always, sometimes the only thing you need (for a quick overnight trip, for example) is a change of shirt or blouse. If anybody wants to get snarky because you're wearing the same cardigan and jeans, let them. It doesn't hurt you, and it might make them happy in some messed-up way!

adding an ivory tee shirt to a capsule wardrobe
tee shirt – Peserico

My first instinct is always to put together a "twin-set-like object" at this point, but I made a point of getting a compatible but different cardigan here:

adding an ivory cardigan to a capsule wardrobe
cardigan – Elena Mirò

This time of year, I'm encouraging the entire Northern Hemisphere to wear a cuddly soft pair of corduroy pants...

adding black corduroy pants to a capsule wardrobe
corduroy pants – L.L.Bean

But enough with solid colors - it's time for a print that includes a range of the shades of pink and rose from our original scarf inspiration:

adding a floral tee shirt to a capsule wardrobe
tee – Dorothy Perkins

Yes, this is the same cardigan you saw before - it's a nice style, it's a lovely color, and it has those winsome ruffles on the sleeves that set it apart just a wee bit!

adding a pink cardigan to a capsule wardrobe
cardigan – Banana Republic

Even though we just added a floral tee shirt, this wardrobe is still pretty "solid," so I found another really lovely tee, but with short sleeves, for a bit of variety.

adding a flowered tee shirt to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
tee shirt – IO Couture

Velvet isn't necessarily casual, but you can wear these pants any way you want to! Pretend like they're un-cut corduroy....

adding velvet pants to a capsule wardrobe
velvet pants - Mimi Chica

And yes, you've seen this cardigan in the other wardrobe. A beautiful sweater like this is an investment, but can happily be worn over anything from a swimsuit to a pretty dress.

adding an ivory cardigan to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
cardigan – Ralph Lauren

Same khakis, too. These are classic for EVERYTHING...

adding khaki pants to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
pants - L.L.Bean

I didn't originally think that I would bring this shirt back, but it's the BEST shade of pink, and it's a great quality shirt that doesn't need much, if any, ironing. (I have some of these, so I can speak from experience!). A classic shirt like this is madly versatile, but you know that...

adding a pink shirt to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
shirt – Lands' End

I had to do this. Sometimes, you have to have that solid, dark neutral column over which you put 2nd layer pieces.

adding a black tee shirt to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe
tee shirt – L.L.Bean

And here's that 2nd layer piece that will benefit from the simple black tee shirt! No way I could resist this...

adding a flowered cardigan to a capsule wardrobe
cardigan – Elena Mirò

Although it feels like a lot of flowers in this wardrobe, it's still coming in at 75% solids! So a sweater that will look nice over your pink shirt, or worn on its own, is a perfect finishing touch.

adding a floral sweater to a capsule wardrobe
sweater – Dorothy Perkins

When everything is in the 4 by 4 capsule wardrobe template, you can see how the floral pieces occupy a nicely appropriate portion of the whole picture. So many options here - at least 2 dozen or so?

a casual, cool-weather 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, beige and pink

Do you want to see accessories? You know that I can ALWAYS do accessories...


I Want a Wardrobe That's Relaxed, but Pretty!
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  1. Of course I want accessories - can't wait. This is such a pretty wardrobe.

  2. Yes, please to accessories. Thanks for doing a more casual approach to these colors. I'm madly in love with black and pink now! I love the Dorothy Perkins tops that are more reasonably priced. And the pink Lands End shirt is on its way to me. I just may have to spring for the KathKath scarf! You're a wardrobe genius.

  3. I love this. Can't wait for accessories.

  4. So lovely!!! And definitely yes to the accessories! :)