Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I Need Accessories For Client Meetings and Dressy Evenings! Start with a Scarf: Vintage Rose by KathKath

Yesterday, we left our heroine with a really lovely 16-piece wardrobe, but pretty much in need of more shoes, and at least a couple of pieces of jewelry. (okay, this is not NEED in the biological survival sense, but more need in the "being appropriately dressed for business" sense...)

So, as I love to do, let's work through one accessory at a time and assess the possibilities.

This very simple outfit cries out for a necklace, at least to me:

adding a necklace to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
sweater – Lands’ End; skirt – Lands’ End; blazer – Lands’ End; garnet floral necklace – Zayd Makarim; pearl necklace – Putu Gede Darmawan; onyx rose necklace - Khun Boom

The same necklace can of course be worn here, but I'd like to see my heroine with a softer, more rounded handbag. A briefcase is essential, but not every day...

adding a handbag to a dressy 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
cardigan – Lands’ End; sweater – Lands’ End; skirt – Lands’ End; left bag – Frye; buckled bag – Shinola; third bag - Serapian Milano

Okay, I'm the first to admit that floral boots aren't likely the next thing that this heroine needs! But they are very popular right now, and if she's ever going to own a pair, this is the year to do it. And what a fun way to bring some feminine zest to a simple pant-suit outfit...

(I almost got in trouble here - I found a pair of STAR boots... which I do NOT need...)

adding floral boots to a 4 by 4 dressy wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
blazer – Lands’ End; shirt – Lands’ End; pants – Lands’ End; first boots – Dolce Vita; second boots – Gabriella; third boots– Sam Edelman

You can go a long way with 1 pair of pumps, but if you're traveling for business, having a 2nd pair of dress shoes can be handy - especially if it rains, you feel like a change of footwear to wear to dinner, or your feet just cry out for different shoes!

(note - the Vaneli slingbacks also come in fabric, in a color they call "platinum," but which is pretty close to taupe in my eyes...)

adding black pumps to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
cardigan – Lands’ End; blouse - Giambattista Valli; skirt – Lands’ End; cap-toe slingbacks – Vaneli; patent pumps – Vince Camuto; fabric pumps - Adrianna Papel

While we're stocking up on shoes for our heroine, she will certainly want some loafers at some point in time...

adding black loafers to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
cardigan – Banana Republic; pants – Lands’ End; hardware loafers – Salvatore Ferragamo; studded loafers – Sesto Meucci; tassel loafers – Ecco

The classic simplicity of this outfit will set the perfect stage for another scarf. And please don't be dissuaded from these black separates just because this dress looks like it would fit a piece of spaghetti - these items come in a very full range of sizes, including Regular, Petite, and Plus.

adding a scarf to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
cardigan – Lands’ End; dress – Lands’ End; first scarf - Louise Coleman; solid pink scarf - Faliero Sarti; third scarf – Salvatore Ferragamo

Many people don't even own a brooch, but I figure if you're wearing a blazer with lapels, those lapels are the perfect place for a little something distinctive!

adding a brooch to a 4 by 4 dressy wardrobe in black, pink and taupe
blazer – Lands’ End; top – Banana Republic; pants – Lands’ End; hand & rose brooch – Hilda Cachi; pearl bar brooch – Nadri; white resin brooch – Kenneth Jay Lane

A classic black dress deserves pearls...

adding a pearl necklace to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
dress – Lands’ End; cardigan – Ralph Lauren; braided necklace – Eloquii; pearl station necklace – Majorica; triple strand pearls – Kenneth Jay Lane

Some days you just want pink earrings...

adding pink earrings to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
sweater – Lands’ End; cardigan – Lands’ End; pants – L.L.Bean; top earrings – Stephen Dweck; second earrings – Neetu Barathi; pearl earrings – Buana

While this wardrobe, and this heroine, already has a couple of scarves, it might make sense to look for something a little bit warmer? Or just another scarf, because SCARVES!

adding a scarf to a 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink
sweater – Marks & Spencer; skirt – Lands’ End; first scarf – Avenue; second scarf – Missoni; third scarf – Elie Saab (yoox)

For many people who work at a desktop, a bracelet can be more of an annoyance than an asset! But at dinner, it can be a lovely touch - especially when it echoes your favorite floral motif...

adding a floral bracelet to a dressy 4 by 4 wardrobe in pink, black and taupe
jacket – Giorgio Grati; top – Banana Republic; skirt – Lands’ End; first bracelet – Coach; second bracelet –Bling Jewelry; third bracelet - TJMaxx

TJMaxx (and Marshalls) might not be your favorites, but they're worth our consideration right now because they continue to pay their employees in Puerto Rico, even as their stores there remain closed. A humane and generous thing to do in the face of ongoing disaster...

Never EVER forget sunglasses. Your eyes will thank you some day! And of course they're incredibly handy for looking cool...

adding sunglasses to a dressy 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, pink and taupe
blazer – Lands’ End; sweater – Lands’ End; skirt – Iris and Ink; top sunglasses – Salt; second sunglasses – Ray-Ban; third sunglasses – Kate Spade

This last outfit - such a simple but luxurious top, with a lace skirt - just needs another little touch of something lacy to pull it all together. Earrings are SO easy, and timeless!

adding floral earrings to a dressy 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, pink and taupe
velvet tee – Madewell; skirt – Iris and Ink; first earrings – Wadarat Supasirisuk; second earrings – Wadarat Supasirisuk; third earrings – Rupadana

As nice as the wardrobe looked with just the clothing, there's always something about adding accessories that gives a real feeling of style to the entire grouping:

a 16-piece 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink, with accessories

We've already seen a stack of outfits possible from this 4 by 4 Wardrobe, but I love to ponder a few more of the possibilities:

3 ways to wear a black dress from a dressy 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink

3 ways to wear a black lace skirt from a dressy 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink

3 ways to wear taupe or beige pants from a dressy 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink

3 ways to wear black pants from a dressy 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink

3 ways to wear a black skirt from a dressy 4 by 4 Wardrobe in black, taupe and pink

Just as a reminder for those of us who are new to this grouping, this is the beautiful scarf upon which the wardrobe is based (thus the proliferation of floral and rose motifs!):

Vintage Rose Scarf by KathKath with style guidelines and color palette
Vintage Rose Scarf by KathKath

Remember that the lovely owners of KathKath are offering us all a 30% discount on anything on their site, using the discount code vivkath30...


I Need Accessories For Client Meetings and Dressy Evenings! Start with a Scarf: Vintage Rose by KathKath
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  1. You have outdone yourself on this one! Simply lovely. Thank you.

  2. Dear, dear Janice, I am more than a little in love with this knitwear. Love that some colour. And love the wardrobe build up journey. Hugs, x.

  3. I love how you've accessorize this wardrobe. The selections add style and express personality without shouting. It all comes together beautifully.

    And are you SURE you don't need those star boots? As in they won't be available forever, but you could certainly enjoy them for many, many years. I think you could totally rock them! There is something to be said for statement footwear...

  4. Our heroine is very well equipped to navigate her world with all these delightful options...The Kath Kath scarf is so beautiful...
    Now I think I need to go shopping at Marshalls to help them support their Puerto Rico very kind.

  5. So lovely! And I love the fact about Marshalls and TJMaxx... will have to stop by there! Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

  6. Thanks dear one for the shout-out to TJMax, etc. paying their workers in Puerto Rico!!! I've been trying to spread the word as well. Lovely lovely series!

  7. I'm so in love with this grouping. And the accessories just make the outfits. I noticed that there is a pink-faced watch in the Everything photo, but I didn't see it in the Phase shots. Did you do that just to see if we are paying attention? LOL.. I know how you feel about watches, so I was looking for one!

    One request. Could you do this color combination in a casual wardrobe? I'm planning my winter capsule to be black, grey and pink. I'd love to see what you would do with this. And I'm leaning toward pink jeans. I know, not practical maybe, but so much fun!

    Thanks again for your wonderful ideas and wonderful loving spirit.

    Pat in Sarasota

    1. She wore the watch to her interview, so I didn't need to add it! You HAVE to have a watch at an interview - you don't want to sit there checking your phone constantly when you're waiting...

      Casual? Let me work on that!

    2. About that watch.. I should have known better than to think that you would miss something. You are so methodical in everything you do. Thanks for all you do. Your blog is the first thing I check every morning. I'm glad you're back to 5 posts a week!

  8. In Monday’s post you offered to update earlier wardrobes from the Vivienne Files, so I’m going to put forward an idea/wish I’ve had for a few years! Janice, while I always enjoy your posts, I particularly adore your “Six-Pack Travel” posts (3 items to wear in transit, plus 6 items to pack). Why? First, a nine-item grouping is concise and focused: each piece has to pull its weight in multiple ways. (And truthfully, I get confused and overwhelmed studying the larger wardrobes with a dizzying number of choices.) And second, your Six-Packs include interesting and unique pieces that are inspiring and exciting to me (no matter that I can’t afford them; they are beautiful and uplifting in a way that no Lands End basic will ever be, for me).

    Several of your very best Six-Pack wardrobes were generous guest posts on Tish Jett’s blog, A Femme d’un Certain Age. “Six-Pack Travel, Based on Black,” posted Nov. 23, 2012 is still bookmarked on my iPad. I consider it to be the ultimate, absolute best travel wardrobe ever. In fact, last spring, before a Paris trip, I came across a skirt that reminded me of the Alexander McQueen skirt in that post; it was pricey but not “designer” pricey and, thanks to you, I KNEW immediately that it was a good buy for me.

    So, my request is not so much to update existing Six-Pack wardrobes, but to revisit the concept with a new series of posts.

    Thanks so much for all you do! Reading the VF is a delightful part of my daily routine.

    P.S. Other readers might like to consult the many Six-Pack Travel posts on Tish Jett’s blog. It would be great if these were included in your “Packing” index.

  9. I hope Belovedest reads your blog and gets you those boots for Christmas, because if you aren't going to buy them for yourself, someone else really should! You would rock those!!!

  10. Just wanted to thank you for the TJMaxx information and add that Home Goods is also a part of that company.

  11. Just have to say -- I own that dress. I wore it recently to work and to an after-work banquet. At work I wore it with black tights, black flats, and a colored cardigan. At the banquet I switched to black heels and wore a sheer long-sleeved fitted black shirt dress with large white polka dots over the dress. It worked very well but after wearing it all night I decided it was too large to be comfortable (it was from a charity shop and the sleeves were too long), so I gave it back to charity rather than fuss over it for another occasion. But it is fun to finally have a wardrobe I can do this with. The dress looks great with a blazer or a long or short cardigan. It's very versatile.

  12. Your blog is very useful for me,Thanks for your sharing.