Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Build a Foolproof Travel Wardrobe by Starting with Science: The Heart Nebula by Peter Jenkins

Just doesn't get much prettier than this, I'd say!

The Heart Nebula by Peter Jenkins

The Heart Nebula by Peter Jenkins with style guidelines and color palette

She's Always Hated Shopping...

From the time she was a child - so she and her mother devised a wardrobe plan for her...

cool weather travel outfit in cream, gold and camel with brown accents
earrings - Marco Bicego; jacket – M&S Collection; scarf – San Diego Hat Company; watch – Hamilton; metallic tee - Toteme; tote – Frye; camel cords - Masscob; boots – Naturalizer; overnight bag – Frye

They picked the colors they would use, and they decided how many of each piece she would need... She's really never deviated meaningfully from the original scheme!

Six-pack travel capsule wardrobe in rust, brown and denim blue
tiger’s eye pendant – Ona Chan Jewelry; rust cardigan – Vince; brooch - The RealReal; beige cardigan – J. Crew; smoky topaz earrings – Ri Noor; bracelet – Akola; crossbody bag – Nordstrom; blue & brown scarf – Stella McCartney; chambray shirt – J.Crew; plaid shirt – Ralph Lauren; penny loafers - G.H.Bass & Co.; brown cords – L.L.Bean; rust pants – L.L.Bean

When she began to buy her own clothes, she realized that if she bought the really good stuff, she wouldn't have to shop nearly as often - the time saved was precious, and the ability to wear beautiful clothes was just a bonus...

(She is a bit tempted to get another piece of tiger's eye jewelry... maybe a ring?)

9-piece travel capsule wardrobe for cool weather in ivory, camel, rust and brown with denim blue

One of the beauties of having had a plan for years and YEARS is that she can spot something that will suit her a mile away - and pretty much everything she owns goes together. Not only does she save time shopping, but she can get dressed in the dark, in a flash!

9-piece 3 by 3 wardrobe - or a wardrobe slot machine - in rust, brown, camel and cream

Just because she has lots of limits on shopping doesn't meant that she doesn't have LOTS of options - really it's quite the opposite!

three ways to wear rust pants from a cool weather travel capsule wardrobe

three ways to style brown corduroy pants in an autumn travel capsule wardrobe

three ways to wear camel corduroy trousers from an autumn travel capsule wardrobe

All of her friends are amazed that she never wants to go shopping, and only rarely tells them about something that she buys - she's the best-dressed person most of them know! It's just a mystery to them how that happens....


Build a Foolproof Travel Wardrobe by Starting with Science: The Heart Nebula by Peter Jenkins
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  1. Janice,
    Oh my gosh, this is sooooo me ! The neutrals with the combination of both warm and cool hues ! And spotting something that will suit me " a mile away" -- I am finally there ! In this instance, would you consider the rust pant and cardigan to be an " almost neutral" ? Obviously the camel and tan are neutrals. I enjoy using one " almost neutral " bottom and topper thrown in with actual neutrals . For instance an " almost neutral " for me would be the rust , as you have shown it, or olive green or blue in both pant and topper. My actual neutrals are all in the brown family, ranging from stone or ivory all the way through to medium dark brown. This is a gorgeous color combination -- too much all warm is well -- too much , but the blue here is just the right note to balance it all !

    1. Oops, I didn't mean to hog comment space , but when I looked at my iPad, this comment had disappeared !

  2. Janice,
    My prior comment seems to have gotten lost in cyberspace. Anyway, I love this post, as these are clearly my color choices ! All warm colors are too much, even for me, but the blue note in there offers just the right balance ! When traveling, would you wear each item 3 times ? I like to have extra tops in case of spillage. Your slot machine approach using the pant as the primary piece to work with shows a practical approach for actual wearings, changing up the top and topper combinations with each pant. I also like your columnar approach the other day showing all of the combinations possible with just nine garments ! This one is another keeper !

    1. Absolutely a keeper! The colors aren't mine, but the overall vibe certainly is!

  3. Not even close to my colors (well, the blue is!) but what a lovely versatile wardrobe, and a great example of covering nearly all the bases. For actual travel, I'd probably double the number of tops. - nancyo

  4. Perfect combination for me. A lifetime ago, when I started university, my sister went shopping with me and my summer job earnings. She thoughtfully pulled together a collection of pieces very similar to this for me. Everything worked together in my colors. I didn't stick with it over the years but now I look back with so much appreciation. I could easily live on today's wardrobe diet. Thanks, Janice.

    1. What an awesome treat from your sister! Nice to have that kind of talent in the family!

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