Friday, September 29, 2017

This is always one of my favorite little mini-events of the fashion year - when Pantone tells us what the "new" colors will be. Of course we all understand that a new color is a physical impossibility, but I still enjoy seeing what they're thinking, and then looking for some accessories that might reflect these colors (more or less!).

It's especially fun for me because I tend to go back to my old template to reuse it, and I can see how very much alike some of the colors are from season to season. This color could easily be the Grenadine from last fall - it even comes first in the list, just as Grenadine did... (Frankly, I would have rearranged things a bit so that the similarity wasn't quite so obvious!)

Cherry Tomato accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings – Kendra Scott; bracelet – Charming Charlie; ring – Materia Prima; necklace – Simona Barbieri; solid scarf – Nordstrom; square scarf – Mantero; "Aventure” nail polish – Dior

As is true with most of these colors, I've done by best to match them but have had to make some essential compromises. And yes, this IS the same scarf as the Cherry Tomato one - it just so happened that this really fun print came in these 2 colors!

Palace Blue accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings – Lafonn; opal ring – Aparna; bracelet – Shanker; necklace – Lonna & Lilly; rectangle scarf – Eileen Fisher; square scarf – Mantero; "My Boyfriends Back” nail polish – Deborah Lippmann

It would be wonderful if this color becomes more readily available - I love it. I'm really tired of "blush" - that "frozen shrimp 3 days past their sell-by date" color...

Amazing earrings, by the way...

Ash Rose accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings – Irene Neuwirth; rings – Kohl’s; bracelet – Honora; necklace – Lord & Taylor; solid scarf – Acne Studios; floral scarf – Patricia Nash; “Modern Love” nail polish – Deborah Lippmann

Not everyone is going to like this color, but it can be lovely...

Nile Green accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings – Rosantica; ring – Bloomingdale’s; bracelet – Astley Clarke; necklace – Rosantica; print scarf – Johnny Was; solid scarf – 19 Andrea’s 47; “Spring Jungle” nail polish – China Glaze

Another color that might be tough to wear, but definitely makes a statement! And while I'm not usually a big fan of tassel earrings because they're made of fabric and thus don't last an hour. However, these are made from beads, and they are pretty amazing. (and they come in a pile of colors...)

Meadowlark accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings – Oscar de la Renta; bracelet - One Kings Lane; macrame necklace - Isabel Marant; ring – Nadia Minkoff; rectangle scarf - Eileen Fisher; square scarf – Pig, Cow and Chicken; "Casual Friday" nail polish - Piggy Polish

Although I don't remember seeing a dahlia this color, I think this is beautiful...

Blooming Dahlia accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
Morganite earrings - LeVian; moonstone ring – John Hardy; bracelet - Ashley Pittman; necklace - Vera Bradley; checked scarf - Nordstrom; square scarf - Irene Paris; "Coquillage" nail polish – Chanel

A real, true purple color has been maddeningly hard to find in almost ANYTHING for quite a while; I search for purple and get maroon or burgundy or red... Crossing my fingers that this color becomes available in some clothes - I could see a sweater in my future. Maybe.

Ultra Violet accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings – Sabbadini; ring – Poppy Jewellery; bracelet - Charming Charlie; necklace - Alok Jain; solid scarf – Ami Alexandre Matiussi; floral scarf - Nordstrom; "Lova” nail polish – Christian Louboutin

I tried and tired to find pieces that reflected the slightly more red hue that Pantone suggested, but when I realized that I was going to grow old and grey in that pursuit, I edged just a hint more toward brown... I rhink this is such a lovely color - especially for those of us with brown eyes!

Spiced Apple accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings – J.Crew; ring - Ona Chan; necklace - Charming Charlie; bracelet– Viktoria Hayman; square scarf - Halcyon Days; solid scarf - Stella McCartney; "Cavaliere” nail polish – Chanel

This is a rare pastel! The cool overtones here are beautiful with navy or grey - this is another color that could make a welcome return to the clothing and accessory markets of the world.

Pink Lavender accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings - Honora; ring - Maiko Nagayama; bracelet - Emma Chapman; pendant – Candace Covelli; square scarf - Irene Paris; rectangle scarf – Tonet; “Lucky Lucky Lavender” nail polish – OPI

They call this "Almost Mauve," but I call it "almost no color at all"! I will be interested to see where we might find this color in the future...

Almost Mauve accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings - BHLDN; square scarf – Treasure & Bond; infinity scarf – Calvin Klein; ring – BaubleBar; bracelet - Alex and Ani; necklace – Ted Baker; "A Fine Romance” nail polish – Deborah Lippmann

Cross your fingers that this color catches on - it would be wearable with most neutrals, and is almost certainly universally flattering. I'm so happy to see cooler pinks that aren't fading-away pale...

And yes, I would wear this nail polish just so I could tell people the name of the color!

Rapture Rose accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
geode and diamond earings - Kimberly McDonald; tassel scarf – David & Young; striped scarf - Mattabisch; 4 stone ring - WWAKE; bracelet – Monica Vinader; opal necklace - Irene Neuwirth; "Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow” nail polish – Smith & Cult

This is a really difficult color to find, and I suspect that most of us find it difficult to wear, too. That said, if you like it, go for it - you won't fade into a crowd, and you won't see anyone dressed like you. There's a lot to be said for that...

Lime Punch accessories from Pantone Spring 2018 colors
earrings – Rosario Leiva; ring - Tis TiK; Bakelite bracelet – Mark Davis; beads – One Kings Lane Vintage; solid scarf - Bajra; square scarf – Unpaired; “To the Finish Lime” nail polish – OPI JCPenney

My favorites, right at this minute, are Rapture Rose and Spiced Apple. Which do you find most appealing?


PS - For more color inspiration, you can find the Pantone Color Planner and other documents in the Planning Documents section of the website.

Pantone "New" Colors for Spring 2018 - Accessories in a Dozen Colors...
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Just doesn't get much prettier than this, I'd say!

The Heart Nebula by Peter Jenkins

The Heart Nebula by Peter Jenkins with style guidelines and color palette

She's Always Hated Shopping...

From the time she was a child - so she and her mother devised a wardrobe plan for her...

cool weather travel outfit in cream, gold and camel with brown accents
earrings - Marco Bicego; jacket – M&S Collection; scarf – San Diego Hat Company; watch – Hamilton; metallic tee - Toteme; tote – Frye; camel cords - Masscob; boots – Naturalizer; overnight bag – Frye

They picked the colors they would use, and they decided how many of each piece she would need... She's really never deviated meaningfully from the original scheme!

Six-pack travel capsule wardrobe in rust, brown and denim blue
tiger’s eye pendant – Ona Chan Jewelry; rust cardigan – Vince; brooch - The RealReal; beige cardigan – J. Crew; smoky topaz earrings – Ri Noor; bracelet – Akola; crossbody bag – Nordstrom; blue & brown scarf – Stella McCartney; chambray shirt – J.Crew; plaid shirt – Ralph Lauren; penny loafers - G.H.Bass & Co.; brown cords – L.L.Bean; rust pants – L.L.Bean

When she began to buy her own clothes, she realized that if she bought the really good stuff, she wouldn't have to shop nearly as often - the time saved was precious, and the ability to wear beautiful clothes was just a bonus...

(She is a bit tempted to get another piece of tiger's eye jewelry... maybe a ring?)

9-piece travel capsule wardrobe for cool weather in ivory, camel, rust and brown with denim blue

One of the beauties of having had a plan for years and YEARS is that she can spot something that will suit her a mile away - and pretty much everything she owns goes together. Not only does she save time shopping, but she can get dressed in the dark, in a flash!

9-piece 3 by 3 wardrobe - or a wardrobe slot machine - in rust, brown, camel and cream

Just because she has lots of limits on shopping doesn't meant that she doesn't have LOTS of options - really it's quite the opposite!

three ways to wear rust pants from a cool weather travel capsule wardrobe

three ways to style brown corduroy pants in an autumn travel capsule wardrobe

three ways to wear camel corduroy trousers from an autumn travel capsule wardrobe

All of her friends are amazed that she never wants to go shopping, and only rarely tells them about something that she buys - she's the best-dressed person most of them know! It's just a mystery to them how that happens....


Build a Foolproof Travel Wardrobe by Starting with Science: The Heart Nebula by Peter Jenkins
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Monday, September 25, 2017

There are so many beautiful new scarves this fall; I'm enjoying sharing them with you and using them to start travel wardrobes...

Mirrored Minerals square silk scarf by Ted Baker London
square silk scarf - Ted Baker London

If you love this fabric and print, but aren't crazy about a square scarf, this is also available in a cape scarf, a dress with a grey bodice and print skirt, a small skinny scarf, a larger rectangular scarf, AND a full-length skirt. Which could be absolutely amazing for formal-wear... Never let it be said that you don't have a few options!

Mirrored Minerals square silk scarf by Ted Baker London with style guidelines and color palette
square silk scarf - Ted Baker London

Yes, I know that the background on this scarf isn't really a single true shade of grey, but there's realistically no way that you're going to be able to match the subtle variations of color here. Best choose something that blends perfectly and build from there...

I Think She's Gone Soft on Us...

"I mean, she did a great job with the server farm - got right in the door and down to work... but did you notice that she was wearing earrings???"

travel outfit in charcoal grey and soft teal for cool weather
watch – Olivia Burton; cardigan– L.L.Bean; chalcedony earrings - Azuni London; square silk scarf - Ted Baker London; tee – Banana Republic; briefcase – Incase Designs; boots – Sarto by Franco Sarto; jeans – Current/Elliott; backpack – Briggs & Riley

"She wore earrings EVERY DAY she was here. But if it's any consolation, I know that she bought her briefcase in the men's department... but she tied a scarf to it one day - I was shocked..."

business travel six-pack in charcoal grey, pink and white for cool weather
grey cardigan – L.L.Bean; caged crystal earrings – Flora Maria; pink cardigan – Banana Republic; pink earrings – Edge of Ember; striped shirt – Lands’ End; butterfly scarf – Valentino Garavani; white tee – L.L.Bean; clutch – Coach; pants – J.Crew; skirt – J.Crew; black flats – Ecco; blue flats – Kristin Cavallari

"You're going to think I'm crazy, but I could have sworn that her watch had flowers on it. Flowers!"

a three by three business travel capsule wardrobe in charcoal grey, white, soft teal and pink

"Well, when she wore a skirt to the managers' meeting, AND a pink sweater, I figured that they'd just kick her out because she'd lost her mind. I mean, that's not the way she does things..."

The 3 by 3 view of a business travel wardrobe in charcoal grey, soft teal, pink and white

showing 27 possible combinations of a 3 by 3 business travel capsule wardrobe

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself, because it IS the way she does things, now that she's the new manager of your department...


How to Pack a Foolproof Business Travel Capsule Wardrobe? Start with a Ted Baker Mirrored Minerals Scarf!
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Opals are difficult - I think before you spend a lot of money on one, you're going to want to do your homework! That said, I'm the last person to throw rocks at you if you choose to wear a fake... life's too short for me to judge anybody on the basis of their stones...

Yes, this dress is FINALLY available at Lands' End. It was there, then it was gone, and I was very confused... And the only opals here are these amazing earrings - I so wanted you to see them...

black shirtdress with blue opal earrings and blue accessories
scarf - Acne Studios; dress – Lands’ End; earrings - Melissa Joy Manning; ring – Ippolita; shoes – Munro; tote - Burberry

It's worth remembering that opals come in all sorts of colors...

And the bracelet brand - Lionette NY - has a few other pieces of opal jewelry. Click through to the site and then click on their brand to see their full assortment.

camel dress with green opal jewelry
necklace – Ela Rae; clutch - Judith Leiber; dress - Ralph Lauren Black Label; earrings - Five and Two; bracelet - Lionette NY; pumps - Michael Kors

You don't need to wear a million pieces of jewelry, if the ones that you DO wear are lovely. (and if you handbag is completely amazing...)

charcoal dress with rose pearl jewelry
earrings - Tiberio González; bracelet - Sandra and Lily; dress - Uniqlo; pumps - Nina; scarf - Nordstrom; bag – Acrata

These earrings would be really flattering - that luminous blush color near your face would look good on anyone.

brown dress with rose opal jewelry and rose accessories
earrings – Vanhi; scarf - Echo; dress – Uniqlo; ring – Five and Two; bag – Nina; pumps – Trotters

There are opals that come in this color, but these are frankly fake. But if you like them (and if you have matching shoes!) you needn't apologize to anyone.

bright orange faux opal jewelry with a bright navy dress
earrings - Kendra Scott; brooch – Kenneth Jay Lane; bracelet – Céline; dress - L.L.Bean; clutch – Whiting & Davis; slingback pumps – Anne Klein

If I owned this necklace, I'd re-do my entire wardrobe to show it off - although I wouldn't really have any money left! But it might be worth it...

lavender blue opal necklace worn with an olive green dress
earrings – Gorjana; dress dress – Lands’ End; necklace – Irene Neuwirth; bag – Judith Leiber; flats – Botkier

When people ask you if you're not afraid to wear opals because they're "bad luck," just look at them as if they're the kind of person who believes that inanimate objects have power over you... Sort of like the way I look at people who ask why I don't wear high-heels...


More from the Birthstone Series:

October's Birthstone is Opal! A Few Ideas...
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sometimes, it's best to keep things simple...

Could Someone Make Up Their Mind?

Maybe the meeting is business dress. Or maybe business casual - they're not sure yet...

black white and red Guild Prime shirt
shirt - Guild Prime

Happily, she long ago mastered the art of keeping things simple, and flexible!

black white and red Guild Prime shirt with style guidelines and color palette
shirt - Guild Prime

She likes her 3 colors, and all kinds of clean geometric shapes. So while they're all dithering and fussing and undecided, she's relaxed and prepared!

travel outfit for cool weather in black, white and red
shirt - Guild Prime; earrings - Lele Sadoughi; watch – Olivia Burton; cardigan – L.L.Bean; pants – L.L.Bean; hangbag - Angela Valentine; scarf – Nordstrom; loafers – Seychelles; overnight bag - Cuyana

She can literally walk in the door of the conference center (walking distance from the train) and change into an appropriate outfit, from her tote bag...

tiny travel capsule wardrobe in black, white and red
pajamas – L.L.Bean; earrings – Marcia Moran; striped turtleneck – MSGM; scarf – Halogen; ring - Rachel Entwistle; down vest – Uniqlo; skirt – Alberta Ferretti; pumps – Paul Green

She can carry her own luggage, and she's confident and comfortable that she can handle whatever silliness is thrown her way...

tiny travel capsule wardrobe in black, white and red

two outfits from a tiny travel capsule wardrobe in black, white and red

two outfits from a tiny travel capsule wardrobe in black, white and red

Imagine - she's presenting information about planning for a variety of contingencies in business. Is anybody better qualified?


Packing for Overnight - Start with a Guild Prime Shirt
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