Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How to Wear the September Birthstone: Sapphires... ooh...

Sapphires are so beautiful, but they are really expensive... Feel free to find fakes, or stones in a similar dark blue, and wear without apology; you owe no explanation to anybody for what you can and can't afford to buy! Or where in your budget you choose to be extravagant or frugal...

With budgets in mind, I've chosen to show a lot of second-hand jewelry in this post (as well as a couple of handbags that are still absurdly expensive...). I think that we all are going to need to become much more open-minded about purchasing things that aren't brand spanking new, if only for the benefit of the environment... (and isn't "brand spanking" just about the weirdest phrase ever?)

For this first dress, that collar needs a brooch! And for what it's worth, this dress also comes in a beautiful sapphire blue...

beige dress with sapphire jewelry
brooch – QVC; dress – L.L.Bean; earrings – Kate Spade; bracelets – Treasure & Bond; boots – Dansko; bag – Marc Jacobs

If you're looking at sapphires, it's worth remembering that the stones don't have to be brilliantly polished and faceted - some lovely sapphire jewelry treats the stones more like a semi-precious jewel. These are going to be lower-quality stones, but some of the jewelry is still lovely!

grey dress with sapphire jewelry
earrings – Saranarat; bracelet – New York & Co.; dress – Uniqlo; shoes – Earthies; scarf – Eileen Fisher; bag – Nine2Twelve

Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, which means that in theory they are very compatible...

rust dress with sapphire jewelry
earrings– Shashi; scarf – Missoni; dress – Uniqlo; necklace - Passiana; loafers – Vince; bag - Gucci

Sapphires mix beautifully with other stones, so if your favorite is something else, but you'd like to include the occasional sapphire - you can do that!

(this teal dress is also available in black and navy - it has pockets, and looks to me like it would be both flattering and versatile...)

teal dress with sapphire jewelry
earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane; eternity ring - The RealReal; boots - Tibi; dress – Uniqlo; necklace - Sukanya Thongperm; bag – Chanel

This is a perfect example of how opaque sapphires can make a real statement without causing you to skip a mortgage payment...

olive dress with sapphire jewelry
earrings - Carousel Jewels; necklace – Salome; dress – Lands’ End; scarf – Image Diary; bag – Paradise Row; loafers – Naturalizer

Oh, the ways you could wear this dress... but with sapphires, I kept it simple. Another day, you could wear it open as a duster over another dress, or a top and pants... This kind of versatility is what we are going to have to look for as we downsize our wardrobes!

black dress with sapphire jewelry
scarf – Sole Society; dress – Lands’ End; earrings - Khai Khai; ring – Gabriel & Co.; shoes – Munro; tote – Rag & Bone

I'm really loving birthstones - I'm looking forward to October opals!


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout, dear! And any scarf purchase between now and September 1 midnight gets $50 in purchaser's name donated to Red Cross for Houston Harvey Relief.

    1. The scarf she designed is the green and blue one from Image Diary. Just in case you hadn't already realized that this is a very lovely and special woman...

    2. I just clicked on the link-the story-oh my. I was 7 years old and living in Berlin (Dad was in the US Army) when the Wall went up-I would go with my Dad to Checkpoint Charlie and think how wrong it was that families had been separated. The Wall being built was one of the defining moments of my life-still brings me to tears decades later. I was able to go back in 1970, but have not been able to visit since it came down. Thank you to Scottie for designing this. I can't afford to buy it, but the memories it brought back are priceless.

  2. The Image Diary scarf is my favorite- so lovely and will fit with almost everything I have . I have lots of family in Houston so I'll probably purchase this scarf. Thank you. Scotty for your generosity. Lovely post, Janice, as my birthday is in Septemberi I have some real and imitation sapphires and what a help this is in how to wear them! Janice Collins, Washington DC

  3. I never knew sapphires came in other colours other than dark blue. I googled 'raw sapphire stones' and fell in love with the peach sapphire rings - gorgeous. I might try a knitted dress this winter as they do look comfortable and warm; I've always shied away from them in the past as I thought they added weight to an already ample figure. Sharon. U.K.

  4. Janice, I'm having trouble clicking the long sleeve Land's End dress link. (The button front dress). Is the dress sold out, or is the link just not working? Wanted to take a look. Thanks! :)

    1. The dress appears to have been pulled from the site since last night! I'm going to keep an eye out for it - I suspect it was delayed in shipping from the manufacturer and will show up soon. If you see it before I do, please send me a note and I'll fix the hyperlink.

  5. Lovely clothes for fall!

    If you would love sapphires, but do not want to spend for quality stones, consider tanzanite or iolite. It is a marketing tactic to make jewellery with low grade "big four" stones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald), because women hear the name of the precious gem and get excited. Give me fine-quality iolite earrings over muddy sapphires any day! Re the QVC 'sapphire' (glass) and 'diamond' (cz) set in plated brass: save your pennies and spend on a gorgeous semi-precious gemstone piece.